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Sovi - January 31

I'm sorry for you ladies here who have experienced a lost. But I really would like some insight from one of you. It would be greatly appreciated. See, my case is very different from others. It has been 16 weeks since my last period and have had every pregnancy symptom. The problem: negative urine and blood tests. However, my mother and sisters have experienced this, not confirming their pregnancies until late into them. So I'm assuming this is hereditary, having to do with the hormones. Anyways, I started cramping on this past Sunday. Monday evening I had some spotting with continual cramping throughout the day. Finally, yesterday the cramping continued with bleeding. I went into the ER, but to no avail, they claimed I was not pregnant and that I surely must be having my period. I honestly do not believe this ladies. I feel that I was pregnant and am experiencing a miscarriage. Have any of you ladies experienced a miscarriage and then later find out you were indeed pregnant??? If so, how long did your bleeding continue? I'm worried that this is indeed a threatened miscarriage or miscarriage. Ladies, thank you so much...


DownbutnotOUT - January 31

well if you are 16 weeks preggers you will surely know because you will more than likely deliver your baby and if you had a missed m/c you will get alot of tissue and pa__s the baby as well. Did you ever get a ultrasound done? if not maybe go back to your dr or er and insist you get one done if you truly feel you were pregnant.


stefkay - January 31

Sovi, if you were or are pregnant and you miscarry the bleeding will get much worse (as will the cramps), much worse than a period. You would pa__s clots that are quite large. I pa__sed clots the size of my fist and filled up a tupperware container (sorry, tmi) because I had to catch it for the lab to test. There is a HUGE difference between a m/c and a heavy period. Even women who m/c very early--like right after when they would have normally expected their period (chemical pregnancy--got a positive hpt, then a negative a couple days later) say they pa__sed large clots and bled much more than usual. If it is just blood, see if you can get a v____al u/s from a dr. you can trust and make sure you are not pg. It will show on an ultrasound if you are more than 5 weeks along most likely. Good luck!


jalbert - January 31

Sovi, speaking as a lab technician, it is impossible to be 16 weeks pregnant and not have a postive pregnancy test either by blood or urine. HCG is the hormone that is measured and is responsible for the growth of the fetus. Even if you were having a m/c, there is still HCG present in your system. This is not a "hereditary" condition. You can't be pregnant and not have HCG present. I'm sorry to sound like a pessimist, but I think the ER doctors are correct in giving you a diagnosis of not pregnant. I would suggest you follow up with your OB/GYN to find out why you're not getting your period. As someone who suffered a m/c , I can attest that it feels much worse than cramping and bleeding is much heavier than just spotting. I was soaking pads within 15-30 minutes and pa__sing large pieces of tissue. I hope you find out what is causing your problem and best of luck ttc.



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