Mc On Friday After A God Us On Wed

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ChristinaS - April 11

I was 8w5d when I m/c 4/8. I had a u/s wed and everything was fine. I had been spotting brown for ywo weeks on tp then on Tues bleeding like a period. They felt everything was fine and could not fine any reason for the bleeding. Thrus night I started cramping and cloting went in Fri u/s showed no heartbeat. How can everythying be OK a couple of days ago and go so wrong? The doctors don't have any reason for it which drives me nuts. I had a D&C Friday to stop all the bleeding and pain. But I/m so heart broken.


Lucy - April 11

I am so sorry for your loss. I am just behind you at 8 weeks. There is no way anyone can answer that question for you. Although it hurts, you have to trust that it happened to save you or your child some pain later down the line. I had a miscarriage in November and it was devastating. The thing I think that is worst is that it has taken the joy out of this pregnancy because I am being monitored so closely, the baby is measuring small, they are telling me there is a one in three chance that I will miscarry. And so, instead of celebrating the miracle, I am consumed with fear of loss. So, heal and try again, and when you do please consume yourself with happiness and faith that all will be well.


ChristinaS - April 11

Lucy, Thank you. I wish there was answers but I'll keep my head up. I will pray for you and your little baby, and hope to hear that everything is OK real soon.


kris - April 11

Everything can be fine oneday and bad the next... though with me personally spotting of any type in my pregnancies has ended in m/c.... so to me it is a sign that everything is NOT ok... even if they had told you that everything was not ok when you were spotting there is nothing that could have been done.... it is a sad place to be... and i hope everything is ok for you too soon...



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