Medical Termination Anyone Suffered The Same

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Star - November 22

I recently had to have a termination following the results of my 20 week scan. It was the most awful day of my life being given the news that my baby had a condition that was not "compataible with life". She had Patau's syndrome. The only real option was a termination as we were told our little girl would not have carried full term. This was devastating for us both as I had had a perfect pregnancy up to this point. A few weeks on the pain is a little easier to cope with and sometimes I find it hard to believe I was ever pregnant. I loved being pregnant and am hanging on to thoughts that I will be able to become pregnant again. I will never forget holding my little girl and have very special memories of seeing and holding her with my fantastic husband. Has anyone been through anything similar? I t would really help to read a similar story. Thanks.


Melissa - November 23

I've never heard of Patau's Syndrome, but I can tell you that I am really sorry you had to go through such an ordeal. I had a miscarriage at 8.5 weeks. I loved being pregnant too.


Tara - November 23

Star, I have to terminate a pregnancy too because my sweet little girl has Turners Syndrome and swelling on her brain, heart and under her skin.I can carry her until she dies which could be at term, but I am risking my life if I do that and I have two small children I need to care for. The swelling in the placenta is making me sick by causing my blood pressure to raise. This is my second loss this year I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks in June. On Friday I will be induced and my little girl will take her last breaths in my arms and I will get to hold her as long as I need to then they will do hand and foot prints and Im going to take pictures and she will then be sent for atopsy and we will bring her home and bury her.Right now I can feel her kicking and I rented a fetal doppler and listen to it everyday since she was 10 weeks, I just hate the fact that she is still alive and I cant change the outcome. I thought I was having a perfect wonderful pregnancy up until yesterday when I got results. Home is so depressing and Christmas is really going to suck this year. I want to put away all my baby items for a while.Im so sorry for your loss and would love to have someone that understands what Im going through to talk to. Right now Im just so shocked that in two days I will no longer be pregnant and feel my little girl moving and kicking.


coda - November 27

star and tara ur story brought tears too my eyes how strong must u women be. i had a missed miscarrage in july i had a d and c at 10 weeks it was the worse day of my life we have been ttc again but with no luck af keeps appearing i am due my af on thurs so we shall see what happens my love and thoughts are with u both xxx



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