Menstrual Cycle After D Amp C

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Lorraine - October 25

I had a mmc at 12 weeks, baby grew to 6 weeks. I had D&C, four weeks to the day later I got my period. It was a pretty long one, lasted about 10 days! I was due my next period on the 21st October, it is now the 25th, i'm always regular. We done a pregnancy test and it was negative, I always get cramping before period, I have nothing at the moment, br___ts are very slightly tender but not the same as when I have period. Has anyone else had this happen to them, any explanations? Thank You


lisa - October 27

Hi Lorraine- same thing is happening to me. I had a regular period after D&C, and now I'm about 5 days late w/ mild cramping. My b___st usually get sore, but they're not. My baby grew to 7 weeks, then no h/b on moniter at 10 wks. Haven't taken a hpt just yet- hoping for no bfp- I want to wait till spring to ttc again. Hope this helps!!


Lorraine - October 28

Hi Lisa, ended up getting my period, I was 6 days late, it is very heavy and the cramping is killing me! My b___sts are in no way sore, I wonder why that is???? I wish you lots of luck with ttc, it will happen when it's meant to!


Angie - October 30

Hey there Lorraine. First of all sorry to hear about your loss. I my self had a m/c in july I was 15 weeks along. And ended up having an emergency D&C, I lost alot of blood and needed a transfusion. I myself am having the same problem as you. I was expecting my period on the 20th of October. I still have not gotten it, or any signs of getting it. I have taken 7 home tests and they are all negitive. I went to the doctors on thursday, he says its very likely that I might be pregnant. But he wants me to wait till monday (tomorrow) to take a blood test. I have sore b___sts and the works. Good luck! I hope that my test comes back positive! And I hope that you c/a soon.. keep me posted!


Kirsty O - January 2

Hi Angie. Sorry to hear your news. Exactly the same is happening to me at the moment. I had a D&C just over 8 weeks ago and like you 4 weeks to the day I got my first period. It lasted the same about 10 days. I am now due my second period but I am now 5 days late. I had some spotting about 11 days ago and have done several pregnancy tests and they are all negative. What happened with you????



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