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remaining positive - June 18

Hello!! There are a few ladies I communicate with on here, but wanted to see if there is anyone out there taking metformin for PCOS. I have had 3 miscarriages, 3 surgeries, and tons of blood work, and still no answers. To make a long story short, I don't have too many symptoms of PCOS, but when my Dr. does an ultrasound, he sees a lot of polycystic follicles. I was against the metformin before, but have decided to start it today. Is there anyone else who has taken it and did you continue it through your pregnancy or stop after 1st trimester? I am hoping the metformin, along with acupuncture, will help me conceive my little miracle!!


toughcookie - June 19

Hi there! I've always had irregular period and was diagnosed w/ PCOS a year ago after an ultrasound was done. Like you, I don't have many symptoms of PCOS. I had one miscarriage and when I decided to try again, my dr prescribed me metformin. It somewhat regulated my period. I got pregnant and my dr asked me to stop taking it right away. I'm really sorry for your losses. I'm new here and will post my whole and sad story one of these days. Good luck!


remaining positive - June 25

Hello, toughcookie!! Thank you for your reply. I am sorry for your loss. Are you pregnant now? Did the metformin give you any bad side effects? I am having a lot of nausea, and some problems with BM. Well, best of luck to you!!


toughcookie - June 30

Hi! The baby that I conceived with metformin died inside of me at 30 wks. It was the worst experience of my life, but I don't think it had anything to do with the medicine since I stopped taking it as soon as I found out I was pregnant and I was able to almost carry it to term. My stillborn son was born on Feb 25th and I am now just about 6 wks pregnant. This time I did not take metformin, honestly this pregnancy was a wonderful accident. We were not really ttc yet. They do say your body changes a lot after you become pregnant once, so I think that's what happened to me. When I went back to my ob for my postpartum check up, they did an US and did not see signs of PCOS, but my ob did not want to completely say that I don't have PCOS anymore. Yes, I do remember feeling sick while on that medication, but I felt better after my body got used to it. They also ran tons of blood work on me and even did an autopsy on my baby, but did not find any cause. It is very frustrating and extremelly scary this time around. I get very worried but try to stay calm for my baby. I can't say I'm an expert since I haven't been able to actually have a healthy baby, but what I am suspecting, which I am trying my best this time to control, is my sugar. When I was about 28 wks I was diagnosed w/ gestational diabetes and had to change my diet to control my sugar. It was controlled for 2 wks and then my baby's heart stopped. Recently I started suspenting that maybe I either had diabetes before I got pregnant or I got it at the beginning of my pregnancy. I started reading about diabetes and they say there are more cases of stillborn and miscarriages. I don't mean to scare you or discourage you. I want to give you any info that might help you get that little miracle baby you long for. One of the things of PCOS is insulin resistance and so is diabetes. I think the 2 are related and the reason why I went though a miscarriage and a stillborn. If I were you, next time you get pregnant, I would ask the doctor to screen you very early on for gestational diabetes and would start watching your carbs right now. What I was told to follow is 20g for breakast, 15g snack, 45g lunch, another 15g snack, 45g dinner and 15g bedtime snack. I think controlling your sugar is extremelly important for people like us who has PCOS and of course excersice, which I'm not very good at. How far along were you when you miscarried? Are you ttc now? I wish you the best. And sorry for the long post.


remaining positive - June 30

Hello!! I am so sorry for your loss. That must of been the hardest thing to go through, I can't imagine. You must really be a tough cookie! I know this pregnancy must be scary, but just try to have faith and be positive. I know it is easier said then done-have you tried meditation? There is a great book by Deepok Chopra, called "Magical Beginnings", I really think it would help you relax-it is a fantastic book. I did have some blood work done to test my insulin levels and to see if I was insulin resistant, and everything comes back normal, but I will definately get tested when I find out I am preg., because it might be onset by pregnancy. I was told that I would stay on the metformin through the 1st trimester, but that scares me too. My first 2 miscarriages were at 6 & 7 weeks, and my 3rd one I had a D&C at 11 weeks. This is all so hard to go through. My husband and I just started trying again this month-I am excited and nervous. Congratulations on your BFP, and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!


remaining positive - June 30

I forgot to ask you if you are taking any other vitamins and Supp. I am taking super b-complex, fish oil, prenatal, 5mg folic acid, baby aspirin, and chinese herbs (I do acupuncture).


toughcookie - July 1

Hello again! Yeah... I really didn't think I would be able to get through it, but somehow I did. I think we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We both have been through a lot, but I do believe we will both have what we want in the near future. Let's hope so... I will definitely keep you in my prayers as well! Meditation has cross my mind, so I will look into that book. Thanks! I'm taking prenatal w/ DHA and baby aspirin.


mcbee - July 1

remaining positive, I also have PCOS. I have had 2 surgeries (hysteroscopy and a laporoscopy) and had all the blood work done, too. I've also had 3 miscarriages. I did 4 months of fertility treatments with Clomid, and we started to get ready for IUI. The month after I stopped fertility treatments, I got pregnant. My infertility specialist says he thinks it's the Metformin. I've been on it for about a year now. However, he told me to ABSOLUTELY not get off of it during my pregnancy. He said if I get off it, then I will almost certainly develop gestational diabetes (I have insulin resistant PCOS already). I just now made it to my second trimester, and so far, everything's fine. Oh, and ask your doctor about extended release Metformin. It REALLY helped me with the stomach issues. Good luck!


remaining positive - July 2

Hi McBee, it sounds like we had the exact same experiences!! I am so sorry for your losses & Congrats on this pregnancy!! So, did you start the metformin after you went off clomid? Why did you go off the fertility drugs? Thanks for the tip on the time release metformin. Well, best of luck to you and keep us posted on your pregnancy-you give me hope!!!


mcbee - July 3

Remaining positive, I actually started the Metformin about 4 months before I started fertility treatments. One of the first things my infertility specialist did was test me for PCOS, and when it came back positive, he put me on the pills. That was in June or July last year. Then, I had surgery in August last year. I was supposed to wait 3 months before we started trying (I had some scar tissue removed from the lining of my uterus - don't know how it got there) so my uterus could heal and have time to prepare itself again. Well, oopsie, I got pregnant in October and miscarried. We started Clomid in Nov. and went through Feb. My doc wouldn't let me continue on because he said that if a woman hasn't conceived after 3 rounds of Clomid, it probably won't happen (he let me go one more round at my pleading after that). So, he said the next step was artificial insemination. We were going to wait until October to do it b/c I'm going on my hubby's insurance then, and it covers 3 rounds of IUI. So, we were going to take a long break from ttc. Bam! Preggers! I still find it hard to believe. I had my first m/c when I was 23. Finally, at 28 I'm going to have a baby. Crazy world! Good luck! It will happen, just don't stop believing it will. That can be really hard to do, I know. Just trust that it WILL happen!


remaining positive - July 9

Hi Mcbee, thanks for sharing your story. Wow! you have been through a lot too. Congrats on your pregnancy, that is so great! You def give me hope.... Was there anything you did different this time that you think helped with the pregnancy? I am sorry for all the questions, but it helps me stay positive. My body is getting used to the metformin, and I have also started the progesterone after I Ov. Keep me posted on your preg.-Best Wishes!! Toughcookie-how are you? I still keep you in my thoughts and prayers! I hope all is well.....


mcbee - July 9

Hello! As far as what I did differently, I really think that my body just finally regulated itself with all the medication and surgery. And then, honestly, I think it had something to do with the fact that we weren't trying. We had no thoughts of trying to conceive, we just had s_x because we wanted to. It was a huge change because it had really gotten to a point where we only seemed to do anything around the time I was ovulating. That's really the only explanation I have. How are you doing with the progesterone? It made me feel horrible!


BeckyBunny - July 15

Metformin is my miracle drug. Like you, I had 3 miscarriages before being diagnosed with PCOS and put on metformin and birth control (yasmin.) I stayed on the yasmin for 7 cycles, then on the third cycle off got a BFP. I was amazed that it happened so quickly, the metformin allowed me to have normal cycles WITHOUT b/c for once Now, I am just over 27 weeks pregnant, and my little girl is due October 11. I took metformin until the end of the first trimester. Through the first trimester it is good because it helps to prevent miscarriage. After that though, when the placenta takes over at the beginning of the second trimester, metformin crosses the placental barrier and can build up in the baby's umbilical cord, which can cause the baby to have dangerously low blood sugar at birth. Metformin usage past the first trimester has also been linked to higher incidences of preeclampsia. Yes, metformin has some icky side effects, but it is totally worth it. You get used to it after a while. Progesterone supps amplified the fatigue and nausea of the first trimester. I was awake for a maximum of 8 hours most days. Having slept through the first trimester though, it pa__sed pretty quickly! haha! Once I stopped the meds (at 13weeks), it took a couple weeks for the residual side effects to go away, but then I felt TONS better for the whole second trimester. It's absolutely amazing, and everything good in the second trimester TOTALLY made up for everything icky in the first trimester. I hope you get a sticky bean soon, good luck.


mcbee - July 15

Beckybunny, that freaks me out about the side effects for the baby that are caused by Metformin. My doc didn't say anything about that! I will make sure and ask him at my next appt. Thank you so much!


BeckyBunny - July 16

No problem. My doctors never said anything about WHY I should stop after the first trimester, and it always made me nervous, so I researched it myself. There are several "small" studies (of only a couple hundred women, as opposed to thousands) that found those correlations. I think because no really ma__sive controlled study has been done on it -mostly because that would prove rather difficult, to have so many women, with PCOS and previous losses, all pregnant at the same time, all in the same controlled study - the correlations aren't really credited by a lot of doctors, especially here in the US. For some reason, we're always behind in the medical field...anyways. The studies did happen and the results were enough that MOST doctors recommend stopping the metformin after the first tri. Researching it myself made me learn to trust my doctor. LOL!


BeckyBunny - July 16

OH - and I did ask my doctor about metformin preventing GD. He said, the metformin doesn't really prevent it, so much as there's a slight chance of the drug masking the condition. He told me just to watch my processed sugar intake - sodas, candy, juice that isn't actually 100% juice, etc, and to eat whole wheat bread and noodles rather than white. The bread I can do, I tried the noodles and they're nasty. BLEH! He also said, if I DO develop GD, there are better drugs to treat it with. The studies also showed that even for pregnant women who have actual diabetes before pregnancy, rather than just insulin resistance, it's safer to take insulin than metformin. As long as you eat smart, you'll be ok. You have to remember that even perfectly healthy skinny minnies who are health nuts can develop just happens, it may not be preventable at all. Some women who stay on the metformin their entire pregnancy say it helped prevent GD...but it can't be proven because there's no telling what would have happened if they HADN'T taken it. You know what I mean? You can't go back in time with the same person and the same pregnancy and just take away the pills to see what happens. Every woman and every pregnancy is different. There is no "predisposition" to GD...plenty of women will have several kids, and have it with only one of the pregnancies. I think it's got more to do with what we eat than anything else. I am dreading my test. LOL! I did good in the beginning, but I crave everything sweet and have a tendency to give in.'s all such a pain in the a__s, isn't it? UGH! Because of our condition we have to worry about all this c___p and there's so much contradicting advice because all the research into PCOS and treatment of it has basically just begun. What do you trust, who do you listen to...that's why I just researched it myself. I like to know EXACTLY what is going on with my body at any given time. I feel like that enabled me to be more comfortable with my decision. And really that's all that matters - that you are comfortable with whatever decision you make.


remaining positive - July 16

Beckybunny-thank you so much for all the information! It really gives me hope that you have had such success with the metformin & progesterone. Congrats on your pregnancy!! I started trying again this month, but just found out that I am not preg., so I will go off the prog and my cycle should start in a couple days. Hopefully, I will get my sticky bean next month!! Is there anything else that you are taking or doing for this pregnancy? I am taking a lot of supplements, and doing acupuncture. I am also trying to exercise when I can, but it is hard sometimes to stick with. Well, thanks again for your story! You will be in my thoughts and prayers......Hello to Mcbee & toughcookie-how are you both doing?



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