Metformin Please Help IM LOOSING IT

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TRACCY - September 24

has anyone else been on this med and had a baby..I am going freaking crazy every time i go to the doc its something else...i have this mthfr thing and this other gene mutation pcos that i didnt know i had..........i have 2 babies how come i didnt know i had this???????? i dont even remember what he said other thank it causes 40 percent risk of mc........that seem freaking high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so upset i am sorry to sound like a maniac............all i know is i have to take this med 3 months b4 i get preg and until 10 weeks into my preg................. along with aspirin progesterone folic acid...My hub has no kids this will be his first well our second we had a mc on 8-20-07...i have 2 healthy kids already maybe i should count my blessing not tempt fate....I feel like divorcing my hub and letting him find someone else to move on with this way he can have a baby...I am soooo miserbale i dont know what to do....u girls are so good at being there and i love you all for it xoxoxo i hope you are all either preg or gonna get there soon.. baby dust to all and h appy healthy pregnancies!!!!!!!!!


samy - September 24

hi tracy..........i also have pcos and took metformin for abt a year and half with clomids and gonal-f before i conceived first. but since that preg had happened with metformin and gonal and comid....and we had twins boys with that but we lost them at 20 weeks wen i went into sudden preterm labour.......then second i was on metformin and i conceived after a year but without clomid but the same also ended in the similar way at 24 weeks , abt a month back and i lost my daughter. this not to dishearten you but yes doc says that there r 40%chance of miscarriage happening at any time during pregnancy with intake metformin...and thats y we thought it happened with us in the first preg. but it again happened in the second so in our case the reason was sumthing else which we r still investigating as per my doc. BUT yes i have seen people carrying healthy pregnancy being PCOS and having healthy children whether taking metformin or not. metformin is nothing but just a hormone that is decreased in our body so external intake is nothing to worry abt. pcos can happen any time during life...mayeb u didnt had it till ur two pregnanies but u had it afterwards...u will be suprized to know sum women have it in their first pregnancy and it corrects naturally after the first its basically a hormonal imbalance wen ur body tend to produce more of male hormones in the we become infertile as males are.....the most imp treatment for PCOS is to stay healthy, active and fit...and it will affect u least.......good luck to u . hope i was help.


jen327 - September 24

Hi - I took Metformin for the last 4 years. I got pregnant in November of 2006. I took it until I was 16 weeks pregnant when the perinatologist I was seeing said it is dangerous to take while pregnant and can cause early labor or m/c. The OB I was seeing said it was fine. So I found a new OB and she too told me to stop. I did and I had a healthy baby boy in July 2007. Good Luck.


abi_77 - October 19

Metformin is not an hormone. It is a medication taken by people with insulin resistance or diabetes. PCOS is a spectrum of disorders (with increased male hormone, insulin resistance, delayed ovulation, obesity etc). The male hormones does not make you infertile. There are cysts that form in your utereus and ovulation is affected as a result of cysyt formation. Samy 's answer is incorrect.


stefkay - October 20

I may be wrong, but it seems that from the reading I've done lately that the male hormones would of course cause problems. They disrupt the delicate hormone balance we need to get pregnant and stay pregnant. Excess male hormones do cause infertility (problems getting pregnant) and miscarriage. The cyst formation may also cause ovulation to be affected, but most likely ovulation is affected by hormones because hormones regulate ovulation (estrogen, LH, etc....)


dukele - October 23

Hi Samy, you were right and wrong. Metformin is not a hormone, but it is used by those persons with insulin resistance disorders. Additionally, PCOS IS a broadspectrum of "disorders" (signs and symptoms really), as Abi said, but the cause of PCOS is not cysts on your ovaries, that is a sign of the syndrome. The cause is a hormone imbalance, what is thought to be particularly an imbalance of insulin regulating hormones that mess everything up and cause an overproduction of the male hormones, particularly androgen and testosterone. It is the combination of these hormones that cause signs and symptoms of PCOS, including anovulation, polycystic ovaries, etc.. Kudos to both of you for keeping yourselves informed. Because many OB's and doctors are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of PCOS, it is up to us to be highly involved in our care. Peace to All



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