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michelle - October 18

well...heres my story...i had 2 missed miscarriages and one spontaneous miscarriage this past year and a half. the latest one being this past saturday. im crushed..i really thought that this was it, that we were finally going to have our long awaited baby only to loose it. Now my doctor wants to start all these tests to find out whats going on with me. kareotyping for me and my DH and then down a long list until he figures it out. i have no problem concieving but i just cant seem to hold them. i lost one at 8 weeks(baby died at 6 weeks) one at 11 weeks(baby died at 8 weeks) and one at 6 weeks(spontaneous). a heartbeat was never found on any of them. my question is has anyone else gone through this and then had a successful pregnancy? im trying to keep my head up and hope for the best but im losing faith and i dont think i could handle another miscarriage. What kinds of tests has anyone else had and what were the results? i really need some reassurance at this point so any advice or words of support would be appreciated.


michelle - October 18

sorry...didnt mean to make my name the t_tle... lol.....


anon - October 18

hi..my sister's friend have 3 m.c...After that she went to see the Dr and get some medicine (Follic Acid??)..Anyway her next pregnancy was successfully..but now I think she can't have anymore as the Dr. said she almost die in last pregnancy, and this one can take her life.


shelly - October 19

don't give up at least your doctor is willing to do test to find out what is happening. i also have no trouble concieving but all the trouble in the world once i am pregnant. i have had 3 m/c's in total. just 2 1\2 weeks ago lost twins. which was my dream as my husband wants 3 children and this was my only way to give it to him. i do have a little girl whom i had after my first 2 m\c's and with her i spent 5 months in bed. 2 of these were in hospital. for some reason i just don't carry well and keep having bleeds. i am also lucky enough that my specialist is doing test this time as he knows how much we want another child. he said he may send me to someone else who specializes in patiants who have difficulty during pregnancy. i am hoping that we can start to try soon but i will not find out for another 4 weeks. with todays technology hopefully we can all get answers and help. although i'm hoping all i needs is bed rest again as my husband has said if he finds out that the next pregnency will be dangerous or put my health at risk he is not willing to try again where i would as i love him dearly and want to give him his children. my friend has also had a couple of m/c ans she found out her bady is unable to carry girls so they tryed for a boy and had a successful pregnancy. hopefully it is something simply like that for you.


Q - October 19

I know it's hard to have hope some days, but one of my friends had 4 m/c and then two healthy pregnancies. No known problems were found for the first four, just 'bad luck' as they say. I've had two m/c's and am thinking about trying again. I haven't had any testing done, so I can't give any advice on that. My coworker had two m/c's and is now currently 7 mos pregnant and doing wonderfully, so there is hope out there! Best wishes


Rhonda - October 20

Michelle,have your doctor checked your progesterone level?if not it might be a good idea.i had a miscarriage at 10wks and one at 8wks.then my doc found out i had a low progesterone and the next time i got pregnant he put me on oral medicine and on progesterone shots and that baby i had is now a healthy 4yr old.


michelle - October 20

its rea__suring to know that women go through this and then go on to have a healthy baby. i was taking progesterone suppositorys for this pregnancy but i think i started them to late. he didnt find that i had low progesterone he just prescribed them just in case unfortunatly i miscarried 2 days after i started them. Its going to be hard to accept the fact that "its just one of those things" if the tests prove nothing is wrong because am i willing to go through it again? what if "just one of those things" happen a 4th time? i have been taking vitamins high in folic acid..i was even taking them 2 months before we got pregnant so i dont think thats it. i dont know.....i guess i just have to wait it out and pray for the best. Shelly im sorry you lost your twins..i can imagine how hard it must be for you but if you health is at jeopardy then maybe you should really t hink about it before going through with another pregnany..you are blessed with a little girl that will need her mommy. thank you guys and good luck with everything.



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