Might Be Pregnant Again

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jinkys - February 19

i found out on january 8th that i miscarried and on january 9th i had a d & c. last week i was not feeling quite right and decided to take a pregnancy test. I have taken one everyday since and they all have been positive. could it be possible or are they all false? I am scared to death. help me please!


Cerulean - February 19

Hi Jinkys. Did your Doctor test your HCG to make sure it dropped to zero after you had the D&C? If not it could possibly be left over from your m/c, but it seems like it would have already dropped by now. I would go see your doctor and they can test your HCG 2 days apart to see if it is rising. Good luck! =)


sososleepy - February 19

If you mc that long ago, your hGC should be down below the threshold of the tests by now I think (not a doc disclaimer). Did you take any that were negative between the mc and the +'s? That would indicate pg again. If not, you really need to call your doc and check this out, because if there is still tissue from the mc pg producing hGC, concerns like ectopic and others come up, and they can be dangerous for you. You could be pg again, in which case I'll trade!!!! Let us know how you do. Call your doc!


jinkys - February 21

My doctor never had me come in and test for levels after my d & c. I have had a little dark brown spotting the last two days like I had last time when i first got pregnant but its lasting longer. Because its so soon could it bleed longer because the lining is thinner. I never took a test untill recently so i dont know if they went to negative results.


ahay - February 21

Jinkys I am in the same boat. I miscarried on the 19th of january and I took a HPT yesterday and it was postive. Went to the doc and had my blood drawn and YEPEREE i am prego again. Jinkys...YOU MAY be pregnant. i would call ur OB ASAP and get tests done


sososleepy - February 21

Congrats ahay! I used on this am (laugh alert: on 6dpo, and I knew it was a waste but have the p on a stick obsession going on; guess i was missing the opk's?). jinkys, I guess we'll find out over the next few days... keep us posted.



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