Miscariage Nearley Killed Me

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sarah lou1 - July 8

i had a miscariage tue/wed i was 8 weeks pg i had loads of bleeding an my uterus was contracting i had to ave 4 blood transfusions cuz i nearly bled 2 death and 11 saline drips 2 put fluid bck in my body i passed loads of blood clots but worst 2 was size of a new born babys head i had 2 have a d&c and since i had that my bleeding stopped i was that weak i cudnt lift my head up i also had a fit through shock at how much blood i lost im sorry 4 such detail but i feel better now ive got it all off my chest and my fiancee wont talk 2 me about it oh well luv ya all xxxxxxxxxxx


SaraH - July 10

sarah lou1, I'm sorry you had such a difficult time physically with the m/c. While I don't think they are ever fun (I know the ones I've had have sure been painful), it sounds like you had some serious complications. I hope you are doing okay now, emotionally and physically. Best of luck and prayers. ~Sarah


mani30 - July 10

sarah. I am so sorry for your loss and all that you have to go through.. take care of your self and get better and healthy soon/....


sarah lou1 - July 15

well thank you im feeling alot better still raw emotionally as iv never had a m/c and it scared me i now no millions of women go thru em monthly an my heart goes out you all i wudnt wish enyfink like that on my worst enemy well good luck 2 u all luv hugs and kisses 4 every1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


amari - July 16

sarah. you know i understand what you went through as well, i had my first m/c on july 2nd, doctors and nurses kept telling me it was "normal to bleed during pregnancy", that was a bunch of c___p they were telling me, because i was bleeding intensively and towards the end, severe cramping to a point where i couldn't even walk, i was 2 days from being 8 wks when i bleed the fetus to death, and the next day, i called my doctor to tell her about the severe bleeding and intense pain i was in, she said that it was "normal to bleed", i knew it was not normal to bleed like that, but that is what medical professionals used to tell me...it is very painful and traumatizing...but take care of yourself...


paullover - July 18

Sarah lou1...I am so sorry for you loss. I too suffered a miscarriage in May and emotionally I know what you're going through. However, physically I had contractions but did not suffer anywhere near as much pain and blood loss as you had. Again, I am so sorry and I hope you are feeling better physically and emotionally.


sarah lou1 - July 19

weel thanks all ov u 4 your support it cheers me up alot more well ithought i was getting better emotionaly but my friend has just found out that shes preg which bought it all back and upset me i coudnt help but feel jelous and i felt like i hate her but i dont i just dont think its fair shes pg and im not oh well ! and somethink else what i hate is people that abuse their bodys getting drunk and takeing drugs while they r pg and uv got people like us that look after ourselves during pg and its never them it happens to its us grrrrr (lol) and it sinkin in now how nasty and spitful and cruel life can be i mean fair enuff ive already got a son and i love him 2 bits so if i can cary 1 child at 15 then y miscarry 1 at 18 oh my gosh sumetimes i hate life oh well god luck 2 ya all and big hugs and kiss 4 every1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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