Miscariage No2 Or Could Be Mole

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Katie - October 11

Help. I had a m/c and D&C on Aug 22nd. Just did a pregancy test Sat which was a BFP and started to bleed this morning. Been to the doctors and he said to try and be positive (yeah right!) but he is testing to see if my HCG levels are really high as he thinks it could be a mole, which is some kind of precancerous thing? Anyone know anything about this. The midwife seemed to think i wouldn't bleed if it was a mole? Help I'm scared now. And how on earth can you stay positive when you're loosing another?!


Kim - October 11

Oh Katie, I'm so sorry. I think I just posted to you on another thread. This website has tons of great information about pregnancy complications if you want to read more: http://www.americanpregnancy.org/index.htm. I will be thinking lots of positive thoughts for you, but I know you must be worried out of your mind. Try not to panic yet - still a chance that all could be well. Take good care and keep me posted...


Kara - October 11

I am so sorry to hear about what you are going thru. Molar pregnancies are very rare. He shouldn't get you worried about that until he knows for sure. While a miscarriage is devastating, a molar pregnancy really taxes your boday and they typically make you wait an entire year before trying again. Are you bleeding a lot? Is it watery/mucus like or like period blood? Has it stopped yet? I was told to keep my bladder a full as possible (try not to pee and when you do, don't empty your bladder very much) to compress the uterus to try to stop the bleeding. Take care.


KT - October 12

Thanks Kim and Kara. Still bleeding this morning and its a red watery consistency. It's similar to a regular period in terms of the flow. It is slightly lighter this morning but not enough for me to stop worrying about it ot stop wearing a pad. I'll try drinking the water but have a feeling it may be too late! I've lost hope of keeping it. The other nightmare i have is that we are due to fly to Tenerife Friday night for our hols, i've been told by the gyn clinic that i should be prepared not to fly. The ironic thing is we booked the holiday to get over the last m/c and now we may not be able to go because of a 2nd m/c. Someone tell me there is light at the end of the tunnel please!


Kim - October 12

KT you poor thing. I know how scary all this must be for you. When do you see your doctor again?


KT - October 12

I'm due to go to the gyn clinic tomorrow morning 7.30am for a scan and i should know more then. They should test my levels and i should know by lunchtime wether i'm miscarrying, ectopic or just a false alarm. Im trying to be positive about it, i know my time will come but you can't help asking "why me?" I'll email tomorrow when ive found out more.


Kara - October 13

The fact that you have not pa__sed clots or tissue is a good sign. When I had my last miscarriage, I spotted brown stuff for a few days then woke up to bright red bood and within 8 hours I was bleeding extremely heavy (like I was peeing) in waves every 12 minutes followed by clots and tissue. If you are still just bleeding lightly, its not hopeless yet. Hang in there.


KT - October 13

Been and had my scan. Bleeding stopped last night and haven't had any since. Very early pregnancy prob 3.5 weeks as not much was visible. However, HCG and progesterone levels very low so they think its a miscarriage. So im going on holiday tomorrow night and have another test and scan when i get back to confirm its gone. I feel numb!


Kim - October 13

Katie I'm sorry. It is never easy to hear something like that, whether you have just conceived or carried longer. Miscarriage just plain sucks. I will hold out hoping for you that things are just getting started and it's early - it's been known to happen before that wrong diagnoses are made by mistake, especially when it's very early and hard to see anything. Hang in there, and give yourself a nice break over the weekend.


KT - October 13

Thanks for all your support. My fiance is away at the moment and i would be lost if i couldn't come on these boards and share what I'm feeling. I'm not hopeful at all, my levels are so low they're not even in double figures. I dont understand it all though. I only bled for 1.5 days. Surely that can't be enough to be a miscarraige?? I thought it would be more than that...or is there just more to come?


Kara - October 13

My second m/c was at 4 weeks and the amount of blood as about the same as a period. Since the embryo is smaller than a pea, there isn't too much blood. I would think that your hcg would be in low triple digits by now. My doc said that you are definitely not pregnant if the number is less than 5, but you are not considered definitely pregnant until it hits 26. If you are in between those two numbers, you have to wait until the next check to find out what is happening. Hopefully yours goes up. Best wishes.


KT - October 14

Hi Kara. I wouldn't even say the bleeding was as heavy as a period that's waht's confusing me and i didn't have any bleeding yesterday or today so far. Just some very small spotting when wipping. I go on holiday tonight and have to go back to the clinic on the Sunday I'm back (23rd Oct). I shall wait and see what they say when they do another pregnancy test. I'm not hopeful but there is a part of me thinking some things aren't adding up. It's all so confusing. It would be great to come back and my levels have risen and all is ok but I'm never that lucky! :o) Keep your fingers crossed for me and I'll let you know how i get on when i get back.


Kt - October 24

Hi Girls i'm back from my hols and back to being not pregnant. Went to the hospital yesterday and had a negative test so looks like i'm back to the waiting game. Still not totally convinced that i pa__sed enough blood for it to be a miscarriage but you have to go with it don't you. Feel a bit more positive now though. We're going to wait a month this time before trying again and I'm treating myself to lots of pampering whilst i'm waiting! How are you girls?



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