Miscarrage Bleeding

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sharon - January 24

just had a miscarrage at 6 weeks (last week)and am still bleading.wondered is this normal and how long is normal.


Cathy - January 24

I think that is normal. Did you see your doctor? have a d&c? I bled for about 4 days after my d&c. If you are concerned though, I would definatly contact your doctor.


Kelly G - January 25

I had a miscarriage last week also, on Thursday. I pa__sed most of the tissue on Thursday, but I saw my doctor, just to check everything out on Friday and he removed what was left of the tissue and said I should be done bleeding by Monday. I'm still spotting today (Tuesday), but it seems to be old blood. I didn't have a D & C, but maybe if you call your doctor, he can remove any old tissue, that is what my doc did and he said that it pretty much stops all the bleeding. I was six weeks also. Good luck and my prayers are with you!


Amy - January 25

I just miscarried thursday (6 weeks as well) I had bleeding, but it stopped by Saturday. So I would agree with Kelly- check with your doctor.


Amy - January 25

Also- to all of you who have miscarried this past week, my thoughts and prayers. We told close family and of course they told *everyone, so it's been hard for me the past couple of days.


Kelly G - January 26

It's hard, but I will have to say I found some comfort in these forums and hope to start trying again soon. Hopefully we will all follow to the pregnancy forums together!!


sharon - February 1

Thankyou all for your answers.They have been a great help.Hope all of you are doing ok?.Do any of you know when do you start to ovulate after a miscarrage.?and when does your period start to return to normal???Thanks for all your help.


Jo - February 4

i just miscarried 2 days ago, i was 9 weeks pregnant. but my baby stopped growing at 5 weeks. so i am still bleeding and also waiting to ovulated again...with a previous miscarriage it took about 6 weeks for my next period.


Betty - February 5

I miscarried at 12/13 weeks although baby had died at 5. I opted to have drugs to speed up natural process, did you have D&C? Anyway, I bled for over 6 WEEKS, then had a realy really heavy painful period which lasted a week and a half so the whole thng took about 8 weeks to clear up. If it ever happens to me again I'm going to have a D&C, I've read that the bleeding time is much shortr=er, but I was so scared of surgery.


Jo - February 8

wednesday makes one week from my m/c and i stopped bleeding yesterday, i guess im lucky


stacey - February 8

It took me about 4-5 days to stop spottng after my D&E.


Angela - February 14

I wish I new I miscarried 9 weeks ago and I'm still bleeding. My doctor told me to go see him when the bleeding stopped.


AG - February 15



Nicole - February 18

I had a miscarriage 8 weeks ago, I thought I had a period two Friday's ago, but I only bleed for a day and a half. Then I got what I thought was my period last Friday and it lasted till Sunday and I have been spotting very lightly all week, I called my doctor today and they are sending me for an ultrasound Monday and an appointment to see the doctor on Tuesday. I am crossing my fingers that everything is normal and we can start trying again.


Stacey - February 18

I read that after the miscarriage, you can have a midcycle bleeding, and then a normal period. I think I am experiencing that now. I barely bled after the D&E, but lately have had brown CM and a bit of spotting. Was hoping it was a pregnancy sign, but we'll see!


em - February 19

I had a period last week. Now I am bleeding and cramping really bad. I pa__sed bloody tissue. It was not like a normal blood clot. Even though i had a regular period last week. Could I have still been in early prengancy. I also have alot of b___st soreness.


Terri - February 26

I had a D&C two weeks ago and I stop bleading within three days



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