Miscarraige At 5 Months

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meshell01 - December 10

3 weeks ago I went in for an ultrasound to find out the s_x of my baby and I was shuffled into a room to be told that there were multiple things wrong with my baby and it would never live outside the womb and I needed to terminate the pregnancy or it would effect my health!!!! So I went in and was induced and I had to go through the delivery(extremly tramatic!!!). The doctor said that this was just a one time thing and that it won't happend again and that I should have no problems getting pregnant. My question is that does mean that you still ovulate 2-4 weeks after the miscarraige??? Has anyone else experienced this???


TCM - December 10

In May, I had a miscarriage when I was 18 weeks pregnent. It's tough to handle. I had been having problems though the whole pregnancy, but I thought it was just normal 'pregnancy issues'. I had a lot of pain, even when i was like 5 weeks pregnent. It always felt as if something just wasn't quite connected in there. However, my doctor couldn't find anything wrong though. Then about a week before the miscarriage I had a lot of contractions, and then my water broke. Before I was induced for delivery, my doctor said that there appeared to be extreme fetal facial malformation on the ultasound, and that my body was just doing what it should have did sooner. I'm 6 weeks pregnent now, and so far, this one seems way different. Mostly because I dodn't feel pregnent. Let time I was already having pain by this point. I'm sure you can ovulate rather quickly after a miscarriage. My doctor told me to wait 6 weeks before having any s_x, and 3 months before trying again. From what I understand, you are really fertal right after a miscarriage.


bubzyblue - December 13

i lost my baby at 4 months the drs could not give me a reason y or what happend since then been trying agen and fingers crossed its happend and after a miscarriage they say wait few months but start trying after ur period is back.good luck


cubbie - December 14

I lost a baby at 21 weeks, no hb and the baby had stopped developing at 17 weeks. I was induced for labor and then d&c, I was told to wait until after 2 regular cycles before TTC. I remember that after I stopped bleeding it took about 6 weeks before I got my period. In all it took 5 months from the time I was induced for labor until I was pregnant again. The next pregnancy went well and dd2 is the result of that pregnancy.


meshell01 - December 16

yeah they did test on me and they did an autopsy to gather samples to grow cells to test and they couldn't get the cells to grow so they don't know what was wrong. It is scary. I don't want it to happen again. I am just glad that others have went through it and has had healthy babies!!!


smmom2 - December 16

Meshell....I am sorry for your loss. You can still 'o' after a m/c...most women are very very fertile after a m/c or birth of a baby. There are so many things that can go wrong during a pg...but in women that are losing babies later in the pg..you dr should definitely be watching you and b aby a lot more closely next time around. And yes..you can get pg again...I would suggest waiting atleast 1-2 NORMAL cycles after the loss....normal meaning regular to heavy flow. This way you know that the lining of your uterus is thick enough to sustain another pg. ANyways...I hope this helps...again sorry for your loss.



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