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Michelle Johnson - October 7

hi i loss my baby and i am wondering if someone can help me understand what was the cause of my miscarriage. my water bag was hanging down from my virgina but i did not bleed.i did not have any warning signs.i did hurt my back and the following day i started having white discharge my doctor told me it was yeast infection and to start taking monastart 3 for the infections. day 2 of taking the monastart i started to have more white discharge and plenty water behind it. day 3 i went to do a past and then my water bag started to come out.


lisa - October 7

I don't know if this will help but I had m/c because of a bacterial infection and spread to the amniotic fluid and caused my water to break. I had spotting at 11 weeks and m/c and at 13 weeks with alot of bleeding. Hope that helps and sorry for your loss.


Michelle Johnson - October 14

Hi thankyou for the reply this is something for me to think about it makes alot of sense, but my doctor still doesn't know what went wrong.do you think that i should keep this same doctor or change? My husband told me to change doctors.


Joann - October 15

Michelle I am so sorry for your loss. I recently miscarried at 17 weeks. I had bacterial vaginosis which can cause preterm labor. I was diagnosed with this on a Thursday and on Monday I had a gush of water to come out. I went to the hospital and they couldn't determine if my water had broke or if I had lost control of my bladder. At that point I did not have any signs of bacterial vaginosis. The next day I woke with a high fever. I went to the doctor and she found that the amniotic fluid was low. I had developed chorioamnionitis (infection of the membranes and amniotic fluid). They had to induce labor to get the infection out. Of course it was too early for the baby to survive. The tests that they did on the baby showed he was fine. Did your doctor do any tests for bacterial vaginosis or an ultrasound when he told you to take the monostat? If not, I would change doctors.


Michelle - October 16

Hi Joann, i call him on the phone and told him that i am having this white discharge coming from me and it not burning and itching , but he insist that it's yeast infection and told me to buy monstate 3. he did not run any test. but when he saw my water bag hanging from my virgina four days later he said that he could not save it.


michelle johnson - October 21

hi girls i found out something. if you get pregnany again please do not bath in the bath tub because when you bath the water gets dirty and goes up in your v____a and causes an infection. so please use the shower every time you bath so the dirty water can stay down. ok this is it.



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