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Justine01 - February 1

Hello there, I just found out that I indeed did have a miscarriage. So my questions is how long will I have to wait before I can try again? Weill I ovulate soon? Need some advice. Please thanks.


onetwothree - February 2

I'm sure your DR will tell you at you check up when you can try, but they usually want you to wait a cycle or two after the bleeding has stopped from the m/c.


fara - February 2

u can try after 1 cycle dear..i had a misc too 1.12.05..dont wori.. u can always talk to us here.


frankschick2001 - February 2

I had a miscarriage October 25th 2005. I began trying again last month. I was asked to wait two cycles. It was hard to wait, believe me, but I wanted to give my body and head some time to come around. I am so glad I waited because looking back, I was not in the right frame of mind to try again right away. But that is me, if you feel ready after one period then go ahead, I think that would be fine. After my miscarraige and D&C, I didn't even get my first period until over 7 weeks later, so for some women it can take a while to get things going again.


Susan W - February 2

My midwife told me I could begin to try again as soon as I wanted to, and she said if I told her I was pregnant again 6 weeks later, that would be perfectly normal. But most doctors tell you to wait at least one cycle, and I've even heard up to three. And whether or not you try again that quickly is up to you. You may ovulate within 2-4 weeks, and have your first period 4-6 weeks after your m/c, but you may not too and have to be patient. I haven't ovulated yet, but I'm just a little over 2 weeks from my m/c (1-15). I know I'm not emotionally ready to try again, and pregnancy is always very hard on me physically too -- we are beginning to talk about thinking about trying again -- but everybody recovers at their own pace.



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