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Joe1 - September 19

I had a miscarriage two weeks ago. I spoke to the doctor in ER, my family physician and the technician in the ultrasound office. I was advised by the doctor's that it is okay to start conceiving after my first period.. whereas the technician stated to wait 6 mths.. I have had so much conflicting information. Is it common to have a miscarriage on the first child and when she we start concieving again>:


Tory1980 - September 19

Miscarriage unfortunately is common and can hit a woman at anytime. I had two children, no problems concieving but I miscarried my third at 6weeks. I got pregnant straight away (no period) and he is now 17months old. I miscarried my fourth baby at 14w4d and am currently pregnant again. I fell pregnant two cycles after my miscarriage and D&C. I have been told this by Doctors and my Consultant and it has been the same information - unless there is a known medical reason for you to wait there is NO REASON why you can't start trying as soon as hubby and you are comfortable in doing so. If that means as soon as you stop bleeding then do so. The reason they would normally ask for you to wait until after your period is for two reasons - 1/ to date the pregnancy and 2/ to make sure your cycles are 'back to normal'. Like I said though I fell pregnant straight away with no problems. Any longer than that is for grieving your loss. Ultimately the decision is up to you and your partner. I am sorry for your loss but good luck in trying to conceive again.


FrancesM - September 19

I had a m/c at 10 weeks and had a dnc. My Dr told me to wait 2 weeks to resume normal protected activity and wait 1 cycle to resume normal unprotected activity. They advised that in order to let your body get "back to normal". You could then know where your body stands. I am sorry for your loss and wish you all the luck in the future.


lilbuss - September 19

i just had a miscarriage on sunday and was told by my doctor to wait through 2 regular cycles before trying again. Everything i read says to only wait through one? There is so much conflicting information, but i think its because everyone responds differently to each miscarriage. I am sorry for your loss and hope to find these forums helpful for me!


franciepants - September 20

Joe- I m/c'd earlier this year and my fertility doc put me on clomid a few weeks after the miscarriage, before I had a period, and it turned out that not everything had pa__sed and it really set me back. You can get pregnant again but I would wait at least one period to make sure you levels are back to normal but if you don't want to wait, know that my doc thought it was perfectly fine to get going right away. Best of luck.


em2007 - September 21

I m/c'd in august and my doctor said to wait through two cycles. When I asked why 2, she said it was to let your body heal and get back to normal. I agree there's lots of conflicting info out there. Best of luck to you.


sashasmama - September 21

I have one child and have had 2 miscarriages in the past 6 months. The second one happened two weeks ago. I went to the ER, the nurse said to wait a year???? I was like "WHAT??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Medical info on the web says 1-3 cycles, if you had d&c then at least 3. I went to the obgyn that delivered my daughter, she said that since we know that I can have a healthy pregnancy since I have one child and since my miscarriage happened only a week after AF was supposed to start, that I don't have to wait at all and can get pregnant asap, if my mind is ready for it, because my body is. Good luck! If you are worried about it, you could wait one cycle, and resume unprotected activity after that. Did you have d&c or did it happen naturally? Both of mine were natural...


anfmom - September 23

I had a m/c june 25th didnt wait for a normal period had another m/c and waited for one normal peiod and now im preg and im waiting to see. My dr told me to wait 2 months



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