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justinsgirl922 - May 17

Hi.. Well lets see, I found out I was pregnant last week on May 9th. I was so happy because my iui worked on the first try. My blood was raising up well. Thurs morning I noticed some brown blood and a tinge of red, I told my husband I was bleeding, so I said im calling the dr's.. They got me in to do a scan va___ally. She said there is no sac but could be early since your 4 weeks, 5 days, she said or you could be miscarrying or a tubular.She said we want to check you for you hcg count, so I go that done the next day and she said im sorry but it went from 196 tues to 75 today (friday) Which I already knew I was losing the baby because all day I had nothing but brown and later on a drop of red, but never came out on my underwear just when I took a tissue to check in there. Today is sat, and I still have brown coming out, not a lot... I was wondering if this is normal, will it turn red? Would I have to get a d&c cause the nurse said I didn't. I just want to make sure everything came out.... This is my first miscarriage prior to this I had a stillborn at 37 weeks due to a heartattack (dr's mess up) and I have one daughter who is 6. I don't know what too look for in a miscarriage? Brown, red blood? How long? Any advie?


Tory1980 - May 21

Usually a miscarriage either starts brown and turns to red or goes bright red and then to brown. With you being so early I would have epected bright red and similar to a period. By now you should be bleeding as in a normal cycle. Will they check you again and scan to see how things are going? It sounds like your body is trying to miscary and can't. Brown blood as a rule is old blood but the bleeding, in my opinion, doesn't sound normal. I am sorry to hear you are going through this and wish the best for you.


belle114 - May 23

hi there. i am going through a miscarriage as well. i found out i was preg. on may 7th and all was well until i got my blood draw. my hcg levels were low, so we did blood draws every other day and it was not doubling. it was only going up a few. yesterday they called me in for an ultrasound and my uterus was empty. doc says the preg just didnt develop and probably dissolved. i started spotting a tiny bit of brown yesterday. today i had more brown and a little bit of red. then i got bad menstrual cramps and started bleeding more. i called the nurse and she said it is normal because my body is miscarrying. we will check my hcg levels once a week until it goes back down to 0. that is prob what your doc will do as well. you just follow it to 0 and then you will ovulate, have a reg cycle, and start over again. she said bleeding could continue for a few days to a few weeks. good luck and im sorry for your loss. i can honestly say i know what you are going through. i hope i helped a little


halfmyheartisinheaven - May 27

My miscarriage started out brown but the doc siad it was just old blood its o.k. well it wasn't... I am so sorry to hear about this what is happening. Let us know what happens... Have a blessed day!



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