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Nina Edward - August 26

Hello! Hope you are doing good. I can understand your pain. It is a very hard time to face. Infertility is the worst disease. It takes a lot from a woman. My doctor declared me infertile due to miscarriages. i had 2 miscarriages after marriage. But my husband supported me a lot. They decided that we should go for treatment. But we couldn't find a satisfied clinic. Then my friend told me about a clinic in Europe. She told me that it is the best clinic for infertility treatment. We went there. They provided us the best surrogate mother. Now I am enjoying my life with my 3 years son. I hope things will work out for you too.


lidya - August 28

I know it is a pretty tough decision to go for surrogacy. Infertility is like a curse and it is very difficult to cope with. Thanks to science for providing us these treatments. Surrogacy is not less than a blessing of science. I have seen so many people getting blessings of the child through surrogacy.


Edwina04 - August 28

Hey there! Welcome you here on this forum. We all here to help each other. I feel so bad to hear about miscarriage. I know it was so devastating for you. But don't be take the stress. Well, I suggest you should consult with your doctor immediately and tell them about your situation. Hope things going into your favor. Stay blessed.


Sasha1513 - September 28

Don't lose hope soon you will be conceiving again and will be lucky. We are the ones with no luck at all. We are totally infertile. We can't have a baby. I was TTC from last 10 years we were trying again and again to have a baby. After so many years of trying, we decided to go for medical checkups and the checkups were all normal. The doctors were unable to find the reason behind this. But they declared me infertile for life. I lost all of my hopes of becoming a mother. But then i found about surrogacy. Now i am researching about it and soon i will start this journey.



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