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tsmith6105 - March 2

I found out on the 21st I was pregnant. On the 26th I started bleeding, not bad, but enough to scare the heck out of me. So went in for Blood work and my HCG was 80, which the nurse said was low. Tues I passed 2 BIG blood clots and than Wed my HCG dropped to 66. Now today I am just having slight brown spotting, that is it. Is this normal to be done with a m/c this soon?


sososleepy - March 2

Hi tsmith6105. I'm very sorry you're here with us for mc. Yes, if you're very early on, that can be well within the range of normal. The bleeding/spotting might fluctuate some, or you might be nearly at the end of it. I hope you're at the end of it. Hang in there, and linger about here for people to talk to; there are more of us than I expected when I came here. Hugs.


Cerulean - March 2

Hi TSmith. Your story sounds exactly like mine. I found out on 2/6 that I was pregnant and miscarried on 2/9. The bleeding was almost like a normal period but heavier the first day. I am pretty sure it is normal because you were so early in your pregnancy. You may want to ask your doctor though. I am sorry for your loss.


tiffany79 - March 5

tsmith6105.. im so sorry for your loss. Sounds like you had a chemical pregnancy, which is where the egg is fertalized but doesnt implant. You end up getting your period a few days (or weeks) later.. but a heavier period and more severe cramps. I can relate.. i found out i was prego w/ my first on 1/24.. then almost 2 weeks later i had bad cramping and blood, so went to the ER. Found out thru an u/s my uterus was empty and my HCG was 44. Thats way to low for as far as long as i thought. Anyway.. My miscarriage (bleeding) lasted a about 4 days, then ended w/ spotting. I pa__sed a couple clots and tissue also (TMI, sorry!) It was just like a period, but came 2 weeks late. Now im waiting patiently for my next..any day now! Then i can try agian. Just make sure you follow your HCG down to <2, then you can try agian! Best of luck..and baby dust to you!!!


aditik - March 6

hi tsmith6105 im really sorry for your loss...i had a miscarriage abt 3 days ago and still my body is not expelling everything on its own. My HCG isnt dropping, still strong at 35000 and progestrone is at 5.1. I have to go in for a D&C tomorrow. Im really scared about the procedure, im really happy that you dont have to go thru this. Please dont worry. Also sometimes when ur body doesnt expel everything on its own u have to go in for a D&C anyways. So talk to your doctor, he shld be the best judge of the situation.


BeccaC - March 6

Hi TS. I am so sorry. I wanted to let you know I had two D&Cs last year because I did not bleed when I m/c both times. Also to Aditik, a D&C is a very simple procedure. It hurts more emotionally more that physically because you are having an operation that you didn't expect or want. They "twilight" you which is a deep sleep, and you will be crampy afterwards. My only advice is to TAKE IT EASY for at least 2-3 days, even if you feel fine. Your body is drained and you need recovery. I wish all of you the best on trying again if that is what you choose to do.


aditik - March 6

Hi BeccaC, thanks for your support and answers. Im really sorry that you had 2 miscarriages. Im very sorry becca, i dont understand how ppl deal with it, I am completely devasted, cant sleep at night, cant think anything else. I lost a baby in 05 but that was at 25 weeks due to preterm labor/incompetent cervix. Now im so desperate for a kid and I just want to be able to try again as soon as possible. wish all the ladies on this post all the best.


BeccaC - March 7

Aditik - just checking in to see how your D&C went. I hope it was successful. You are now on the road upwards. You may not believe it now, but you will heal. Just remember - it is not your fault. If you have to look at yourself in the mirror 10x a day and repeat "It is not my fault" then do it. My heart breaks for what you are going thru right now - cry if you want to and scream if you want to. Stay strong and let me know how you are doing!!


aditik - March 7

Hi Becca..the D&C went well. But now I feel I didnt need one. Last night I had severe cramping and bled a lot. I also felt as if 2 big clots were out from my body, something like 2 marbles maybe. The cramping then stopped and I called my doc, but he said, it was better to get a D&C as sometimes some tissue gets left behind and it cld cause infection. So I had no choice but to listen to him. But I really wanted him to check if it was necessary and then make a decission, but he didnt listen. Anyway sorry to take up so much of your time. The D & C went well, im home now and have some bleeding, but I guess thats what happens. Thanks a lot for your support, I really appreciate it. How are you doing? Are you ttc? Wish you all the best for everything.


Cjordan - March 7

Hi tsmith and everyone else here --Im new here-- Im not sure if this will help you since it seems that everyone is so differant but at my 6th week I started spotting brown and I went to get my HCG tested. It was in the 800's which the nurse told me was low also. Two days later it only went up to 1200. I began to bleed bright red soon after and though my hcg's were slowly rising, I did end up having a complete miscarriage on Feb 7. I had dark red clots a few days before the actual miscarriage and then I felt a very large clot and heavy cramps the day of the miscarriage. The cramps went away that night and my bleeding slowly tapered off over a few days. I stopped bleeding for about 6 days and then started bleeding brown again for a day just like you but then full b__wn red blood again the next day!! That lasted 4 days. The nurse couldn't say if it was my period yet but my HCG was at 39 down to 8 in those 4 days. The nurse told me it could be my uterus still emptying out or it could be my period. Well, that bleeding went away and now 12 days later Im spotting brown again (which im taking as a good sign since I have spotted brown a few days before my period for years). I hope that eases your mind some. I am so sorry for all your little peanut losses and I wish all of you the best luck in ttc when you are ready again.


BeccaC - March 8

Hi aditik - it seems like the D&C went well, for the most part. I know you didn't want it, but I think your dr was right...if anything was left you could run into complications in the future. Actually, in answer to your ttc question, I am 12 wks pg now. I am posting on the first tri forum, but keeping coming back to the m/c forum to check on old friends. There are so many women in 1st tri who have m/c one or more times, and are now pg again. Please take it easy. Make yourself a big bowl of ice cream w/ lots of hot fudge!!! And I'm always here to talk if need be - I know how much it hurts.....


HildaMP - March 9

Hello everyone, I'm new here. I've been reading up on miscarriages so much that I'm tired of it. I had my first m/c in March of '06 at about 8wks. I actually started spotting 2 days b4 I had my first appt. Then I got pregnant again in Sept. '06 and saw the heart beat. I was scheduled for my 2nd appt. on 11/28/06. I was so excited and feeling good, but when we had the ultrasound there was no heart beat and they couldn't find the fetus among the placenta. Of course we were devistated. Now I think I might be prego, but my hpt reads neg. and I took 3. I think I'm about 6days late. I'm worried...


aditik - March 9

Hi Becca, Congratulations!!! Im very happy for you. Im sure everything will go smooth this time around, dont worry too much and take it easy. Rest as much as you can. I wish u all the best for everything:) Hugs !!!


aditik - March 9

Hi Hilda - I'm extremely sorry for your loss, I can completely understand how you feel. I lost a boy at 25 weeks during my first pregnancy and now I miscarried at 8 weeks. If your pregnancy test reads negative, maybe ur not preggo, sometimes your period gets pushed ahed when your very stressed. Happened with me a couple of times. Dont worry, you can again take the test after about 2 to 3 days , else go to your doctor and you can put your mind at ease. I wish you all the best for everything:)


HildaMP - March 10

Aditik - I'm sorry to hear about your loss at 25wks. I can only imagine how that must have felt for you. I sincerely want to thank you so much for your comforting words. I talked to my OBGYN's a__sistant and she said that I can only wait to see if I start my period because they don't do anything until I've missed my second period. This is all very frusterating 'cause I've never missed my period ever and the anticipation is killing me....It's worse 'cause my husband keeps asking me the same questions about my symptoms and when I would have started and so on. I guess I just have wait it out and hope and pray for the best. Thank you again and I too wish you all the best.


HildaMP - March 12

I talked to my OBGYN's a__sistant again and she said that it's normal to miss a period after m/c even if you've never missed b4 in your life. All she said for me to do is wait and that I did. Well my period came Sunday, but it's not a "normal" period 'cause its not as heavy. I did get the usual cramps though which is what I could've done without. I don't think this is a m/c.



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