Miscarriage Blood HCG And Normal

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Rhonda - January 28

Last friday I had a spontaneous miscarriage. I kept thinking it was just a real bad period, Im irregular anyways. However I began passing very large clots and mucous looking things. So i scared myself enough took myself to the hospital in the wee hours of morning. I was smart enough to take the last passed item with me. Pathology reports. matter of conception 6 weeks. I didnt even know i was pregnant. I gave up years ago and adopted 3 children. back to story.. anyways. my hcg levels were 3113. is this high.. the doctor made it seem like it was very high. Im going to let you in on the time frame because something just doesnt seem right. 2pm miscarriage. 210pm the pain was so severe I couldnt catch my breath 330 pain stopped with pinching here and there.. by 1100 pm no blood, light pain. 5am diagnosed with above. okay.. all week light bleeding, severe cramping, doc needed cash up front was unable to go back for check up. since then. harder than normal period cramps. Clotting still? does this sound normal? or am I now dealing with my first after mc period. I dont know what to do.. My emotions are crazy, even hubby dont understand how I can miss something So much.. that I never knew I had?? are all these tears normal..?? am I normal.?? HELP!!!!!


Hannah - February 6

I bled for eight weeks after my miscarriage then I had the period from hell, very painful and lots of clots. Go back for another check up honey.


MULGAJILL - February 6

it will not be your period, that will take a few weeks to come back, you are still m/c, this can take awhile. and teary is normal, your hormone levels that were 'high' are now plummetting.... hormone hell, and of course finding out you were pregant at the last minute is no different than if you had known for weeks... there is always a sense of loss... So tell your hubby it IS a big deal, explain the hormone thing, he doesn't have to 'understand', just ask him to be supportive as you will be moody and not your normal self for a while yet...



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