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Iain Stirling - March 7

My wife and I experienced our second miscarriage in 6 months and for the second miscarriage we had a D&C 2 weeks ago. I have read that a lot of women do fall pregnant after a D&C which is good news for both of us. What I would like to know is 2 things - firstly my wife went to gym last night for the first time and she experienced a lot of pain (cramping) in her stomach which led to her bleeding. Has anyone else experienced this and is there a recommended time to wait to do any physical activity? Secondly, for our first miscarriage my wife experienced very dry skin around her knuckles a few days prior to her miscarriage. We suddenly found during her second preganancy that she started getting the same symptons and we rushed to the hospital to find that once again we had miscarried. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I am having trouble getting an answer from my doctor and I need to know why this is happening. She may be deficient in something but she was taking the folic acid and eating the recommended food etc. If anyone has any answers for me I would be very greatful to hear from you. Regards, Iain


stefkay - March 7

Hi Iain, I am very very sorry for you and your wife's second loss. Many of us here know how it feels and have had multiple miscarriages. I've never heard anything about the dry knuckles, but have heard that pregnancy in general can cause dry skin. I don't believe it is a sign of miscarriage, but pregnant women should drink as much water as possible. As for the cramping after working out. I know working out or physical exertion can cause spotting within the weeks following a d&c, but if she is having pain, she needs to get to the dr. as soon as possible to rule out any problems. You don't want to have any issues later on when you try again. Now, about what happened? That is the big question we all want to know. Unfortunately many doctors won't start testing until after 3 losses, which to me seems insane. You can probably get a round of initial testing done if you push for it though. I've recently been going through the testing and luckily my insurance covers because it is expensive. Typically they do a first round of blood tests to check for clotting problems and other chromosomal things. did they test the tissue that was taken out in the d&c? My dr. then scheduled me for some hormone tests to see if my eggs were ok, if my progesterone is ok in the second half of my cycle and I will be having an xray of my uterus soon. My partner also had a s____n a___lysis done. If you look online under "recurrent pregnancy loss" and testing, you'll find tons of info that you could take to your next appt. I really wish none of us had to experience this and my thoughts are with you....Good luck!



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