Miscarriage Help Please

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Angie - March 29

Found out I was pregnant on March 10th. Blood levels were at 200. A week later went to the dr. for blood work and levels were at 1644. Two days later the did blood work again and the levels had dropped to 1442 and nurse told me that it wasnt a healthy pregnancy. Started spotting on Sunday and on Monday was cramping and passed a tiny blood clot. Today went back to the dr. because they wanted to do an ultrasound. They didnt do one, but now I have slight cramps and no bleeding. I dont know for sure if I have miscarried or not because I had one before and I wasnt as far along and was in total gut wrenching pain. This time I had hardly no pain at all and couldnt even tell I had passed anything. They are doing another Hcg level test to make sure they are going down. Is it possible that maybe I didnt miscarriage and still am pregnant. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and the cramping and bleeding wasnt even as bad as a normal period for me. Thanks girls.


petra - March 30

I m/c at five weeks. Well, that's when the foetus stopped developing. I found out three weeks later. In week 8 I started spotting and I went to the dr. A few days later I started to bleed, and loose cloths. After two weeks of this bleeding continuing... the dr scheduled a d/c. I m/c on my own the night before the d/c. A had one cramp that brought tears to my eyes and that was it. I lost a big (huge..) chunk. (sorry about the details...) They still did the d/c and bleeding stopped after three days. It is possible that you havn't lost the sac and contents yet... I had no cramping at all untill that one cramp. I even joked to my husband, it feels like labor pain.... But it was nowhere near the pain I felt during delivery of my son. I was very surprised at the size of the m/c. Especially since things went wrong in week 5.... I expected it to be very small... Just check with your dr.. maybe they can do a__s and see if there's anything left. The worst part is the waiting, weeks will go by and you feel as if nothing happens... Just hang it there, you're not alone. We know how it feels and we also know that time will go by and you will get better...


BD - March 30

I hate to be the bearer of bad news...and I could definitely be wrong, but my doc. said anytime your hcg levels go in the opposite direction, it usually indicates a "spontaneous abortion" (ie, m/c). I hope I am wrong, but that was the case when I m/c'd. Let us know how you are and God Bless You!


Sarah - March 30

Sorry ang, but it doesnt sound good to me. your doctor should do an U/S to see if theres a heartbeat and whats going on in there!! If theres a heartbeat then you probly will be ok. But if theres no h/b then I would a__sume that its an inevetiable m/c. If your hcg levels are dropping ive heard thats not good! Im sorry for your pain right now this whole thing sucks I know and understand. An ultrasound will tell you whats going on in there for sure!! GET ONE to ease your mind


Angie - March 30

Well its official I am miscarrying. Got the results of the blood test today and they were in the low 400's. Now its inevitable. I've started to cramp really bad so now I think its only a matter of time. I want to thank you all for answering my questions. Dh and I are going to ttc starting in may after a regular af. Good luck to you all and thank you so much for the support. God bless you and baby dust to everyone.


BD - March 31

I am so sorry Angie! HAng in there,,, we all know what you are going through. It is not pleasant, but I think you'll be happy letting your body m/c naturally... I was and it helped me come to terms with it all. I am praying for you!


For Angie... From KIM - March 31

Hello... I am no doctor but i can tell you my story. About 3 wks ago i went to the doc and she did and Sonogram and she told me that there was no heartbeat. I had had no pains no bleeding no spotting. I had no knowledge that i was having a miscarriage. She told me not to worry and she was going to do blood tests. she said that my Hcg levels were not as high as she would have liked and took more tests 3 days later. My levels dropped by 3000 points. It was here advisment that i was in the process of having a m/c. I was devestated. I was told i could m/c on my own or schedule a D and C. I waited another 2 weeks and then decided it was to hard for me to wait. I did the D and C and am now on my way to recovering mentally and physically. I dont know if you are in the process of having a m/c but i know that my mother and my grandmother both had their periods for 6 months while they were pregnant. I would call your doc and be presistant enough to get a imediate visit. Hold your head up high. These things happen for a reason...I know it sounds kind of clechea and i never beleived in that up until i had my m/c. Please hold your head up high and know that you are not alone. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]


Angie - March 31

Kim and Bd.. I did go ahead and have another ultrasound and it proves the same. I guess I needed one for my own mental stability. Thank you both for your support and I'm sure that no matter what we will all get the babies we are hoping for. God bless you all. I will be checking in everyday as I have come to grow to love the site. I feel like i'm not alone here and want to thank you all for that.



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