Miscarriage Pregnant Before First Period

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lucy206 - June 19

Hi - has anyone gotten pregnant after a miscarriage before their next cycle? I just miscarried and read that your very feritle after a m/c. Just wondering if anyone has - and what happened. FYI - I miscarried at 6 week - had a natural m/c. No D&C.


lucy206 - June 20



Kristine - June 20

My Friend Cookie did. You can read her story on the thread "Anyone TTC this week ?" started by Kristine (me)


DownbutnotOUT - June 20

Hey Lucy I m/c'd on May 15, 2006 and I had a blood test about 1 1/2 weeks ago that showed my HCG levels dropped below 5. Well I took a HPT today and it came up BFP, it was a fint line but DH confirmed it was there. I have not gone through one cycle obviously. Take care


charliepaulchloe - June 22

hi lucy, i had m/c in dec 05 and concieved again 5 wks later, same as u i had natural m/c i was terrified when i concieved agin thinking the same thing was gonna happen again but thankfully i am now 23 wks pregnant with a helthy girl. I apologise to those who think i shouldnt come on this thread but i as many are are proof that it can happen again and continue with a healthy pregnancy. Good luck to u all TTC i hope u have the same luck as i did, it took me 3 yrs to concieve with this one after having a quick conception 7 yrs ago with my first. Dont give up hope it can happen will be thinking of u all. xxx


lucy206 - June 26

Thanks everyone for your answers. My husband and I will go about our normal ways - and maybe we will get lucky before my first period - if not then after my cycle we will try again. Charliepaulchloe - did you end up having your first cycle - or you conceived after your m/c 5 weeks later before your cycle?


Steffer - June 26

Lucy206 I had a miscarriage in April and just took two tests (couldn't believe the first one i guess lol) and both were positive. I am only about 7 weeks now, but all i can do is pray that this one will be healthy!! So good luck


Janny - June 26

I need a breakdown of all the abbreviations - please help: HPT DH TTC AF O BFP DPO Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kiza - June 26

Janny hope this helps, HPT ( home pregnancy test ) DH ( darling husband ) TTC ( trying to conceive ) AF ( Aunt Flo another name for your period ) O ( ovulation ) BFP ( big fat positive ) DPO ( days past ovulation ). I think I got them all right, you can go to a website called www.acronymfinder.com/ on there if you put abbreviations in it comes up with the answers for you. Take care. xxxxxx



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