Miscarriage So Confused

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sara 2 - March 2

in nov 05 i gave birth and was br___tfeeding for 2 weeks.i never had a period and on 20th feb i did a pregnancy test and it was pos a faint line but visable my husband and i were shocked as we'd been careful we decided to continue with the pregnancy so we went to my gp and he asked for me to do a urine sample to send to the lab when i rang for the results it was neg so i don't know if i was or not.on tues 29th feb i was feeling ill with a headache,genrally aches all over,couldn't get warm,on and off stomach pains and feeling a bit light headed.later on that day i went to the toilet and was bleeding not that heavy but it progressed through the day and during the night i went and i just passed blood.today i got up and there was a few clumpy bits of blood quite dark i have no idea wether it's my period or a miscarriage,has this happened to anyone else??i am sooo confused.please help me!thanks


Mandy1984 - March 2

I'm not sure, Usually after a miscarriage it can take weeks to get the HGC (pregnancy hormone) out of your body..Usually after a m/carriage a pregnancy test will give you a positive rusult for a couple of weeks after even when m/carriage happens in early pregnancy,


Susan W - March 2

My first period after having a normal healthy baby was pretty bad, being heavy and crampy and feeling ill, and I did not have a period for 12 months after having baby #1. If you don't b___stfeed, you can have a period 6-8 weeks after a birth, and any b___stfeeding can postpone it further. It's possible you had a false positive on the hpt, in light of the negative test at the doctors. It's very confusing, and even more difficult to figure out how to respond emotionally not being sure one way or the other. You could ask for an HCG test, as if you were pregnant, some of that will still be around, but it's certainly gone from the first pregnancy. Therefore, if you are positive, you had a m/c. Does that make sense? Let us know how you are doing.



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