Miscarriage After Seeing Heartbeat

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Amy - August 6

I was just wondering how many people have had a miscarriage after seeing a strong heartbeat. Had an ultrasound at 10w and everything seemed good, right size and heartbeat was fine. Now there is some concerns. Just wondering what the chances are of losing the baby. I am almost 11 weeks now.


Becky - August 6

I have heard that the chances of miscarrying after seeing a heartbeat are really low, however since a baby's heart starts beating at 5-6 weeks any baby who is miscarried after this point would have had a heartbeat before they died and since many miscarriages happen between weeks 7-12 this must be a common occurance. I miscarried at 10 weeks. We had not seen the heartbeat but for our baby to reach 10 weeks growth there must have been one for about 4-5 weeks before they died. It is not easy to say the chances for you and I wouldnt want to guess as it is always hard to know what will happen. It depends what the concerns are-you didnt say? I would try and think positive and dont give up hope unless you see a scan with no heartbeat-until then (hopefully that will not happen anyway) if your baby has a heartbeat and is the right size etc then that is good the concerns may just be false alarm that does happen alot it may be nothing at all. Make sure your doctors explain everything to you about what they are thinking or are concerned about. I hope it all turns out to be false alarm and that baby will continue to do well as they have been. all the best x


Q - August 6

I saw a heartbeat at 7w, but then none at 10w. If you are seeing evidence of growth and a good heartbeat, then that is a good thing. I read that the chance of m/c after seeing a heartbeat is quite low, but I'm not sure myself anymore. My doctor told me that most women miscarry around the time that they would've gotten their periods, 4,8,12, and 16 weeks. I wish you luck though! The odds are with you


Tara - August 6

I seen my the heartbeat at 6.5 weeks with a v____al ultrasound. At 9 weeks I had another ultrasound just to make sure there was only one baby and the machine was not strong enough to pick up a heartbeat, but doctor explained his machine cant pick up a heartbeat until 12 weeks and at my 9 week checkup he said he could only see one pregnancy and because his machine wasent good he couldent measure crown to rump.12 weeks I experienced a little brown discharge and went to doctor for ultrasound and baby had died.I was told if baby has a strong heartbeat then the chances of miscarrying are lessened. This was my third pregnancy and my first two(healthy babies ) they picked up a very strong heartbeat at 12 weeks.I think if you are seeing a baby at the right size and heartbeat was fine that it would be a really good sign. My baby at 6.5 weeks was only measureing 5 weeks and at 9 weeks looked really small for a 9 week old fetus.I wish you best of luck!! Q thats very interesting that you said you usually miscarry around the time you would have gotton your period, because mine was right on the day I would have gotton my period. take care everyone


kc - August 6

At 12 weeks your chances of carring baby to term are very very good. Since you are now 11 weeks you should rest easy. You should be able to hear the heart beat with the special device used by doctors. I don't know the name. My doc told me when you "hear" the heart beat the baby is there to stay. I lost mine at 7 weeks after seeing the heart beat and seeing the little bean moving around. I had very low hcg levels so the problem was attachment. Please don't worry I know everything will go great for you.


Lily - August 6

I am not sure what the concerns are.. have you been spotting? I m/c in March at 11 weeks. I did see the hb at 6 1/2 weeks, 8 weeks and 10 weeks, then m/c just before 11 weeks (no heartbeat and started bleeding). I am not sure why - there where no answers for my m/c. However, I do know that you chances greatly improve when they see the hb and decrease further when you hear the hb on doppler. I think they go down to 3%. I wish you the best of luck. I am now 11 weeks pregnant as well. :) Lots of positive energy for you....


susan - August 8

I have lost 2 babies now, and both times it was after I saw a strong heartbeat.The first one was at 9 weeks and I just lost the secord one at 19 weeks. I saw the heartbeat at 15 weeks when I went for a u/s and they said everything looked good and the heartbeat was 160. I heard it again at 16 weeks when I went to my ob appointment. when I went to find out the s_x of the baby at 19 weeks they said there was no heartbeat. I was wondering if anyone has gone through anything similar to this.


Amy - August 8

Thank you for all your answers. Susan I am so sorry for your loss, 19 weeks seems so far into a pregnancy. I am seeing my doctor again tomorrow and am hoping to hear a strong heartbeat. I'll have my fingers crossed.


susan - August 9

amy, I hope everything went okay with your doctor's appointment yesterday. I'm sure the baby will be fine.


Amy - August 9

Susan, I saw my doctor today but she refused to listen for the heartbeat because it is too early. I am trying to find info now on renting a doppler for my own sense of security. I just want to hear the heartbeat. Thanks for your thoughts and responses.


susan - August 9

amy, When you are 12 weeks they will be able to hear the babies heartbeat with the doppler. I got pregnant the 2 times by IVF so they checked it every week until I was 3 months. I heard that the dopplers that you can rent only works when you are aleast 20 weeks. But I don't blame you for wanted to be able to hear your babies heartbeat anytime you want. I wish I had had one at the time I was pregnant.


Q - August 9

Amy, Your doctor wouldn't listen to the heartbeat? That seems odd to me. Good luck with the doppler, and let us know how you are doing


b - August 25

ladies I had great success w/ renting a home doppler thru www.fetalbond.com I heard the heartbeat in my own home at 12 weeks the day before my visit to the doctor. they say the good dopplers from this site can pick up a heartbeat between 8-10 weeks. I'm 8.5 weeks and ordered mine last night. It works better if you were thin to start w/.. good luck. just happened to run by this post.


zelly - August 31

I had my hcg checked out and it didn't double by much when I got the results. My doctor says that there was a chance f miscarriage. I went to get an ultrasound viginally and saw that my baby's heart was beating and growing just the way it should. Should I be worried because of my low hcg?


Nancy - August 31

Amy, I am wondering the same thing. It's discouraging for me at times because I see answers all over the board. Here is one helpful stat: "The presence of an embryonic heartbeat is highly rea__suring. When visualized by Low Resolution Abdominal sonography, more than 90% of pregnancies continue. Visualization by high resolution v____al sonography is a__sociated with a 70% continuance rate. The apparent discrepancy is because the heartbeat is a stronger positive sign in the larger more advanced embryos seen by transabdominal scanning. The rate of pregnancy loss with positive heartbeat varies with gestational age and the presence of v____al bleeding: -Heartbeat at < 6 week., With bleeding 33% are lost, 16% are lost if no bleeding present -Heartbeat at 7-9 week., With bleeding 10% are lost, 5 % are lost without bleeding present -Heartbeat at 9-11 week., With bleeding 4 % are lost, 1-2% are lost without bleeding present. I have told is that if a heartbeat is detected I am 7 weeks pregnant, and I too am wondering about the stats of miscarriage after seeing my baby's heartbeat today. Normal, so my doctor said, however I have been bleeding for 2 days now, bright red and consistant. I feel like I am on my period (cramping too). I have never heard of this before, but my doctor prescribed a sapository of progesterone, to be inserted v____ally 3 times a day. Somehow it should strengthen the uterine wall to protect the fetus. Unusuall, huh? Anyway, this and a day or two of bed rest and perhaps the bleeding will subside. I'm praying...and good luck to everyone


Amy - August 31

Nancy, my thoughts are with you and I hope everything turns out well for you. I am happy to say I am now 14w1d and everything is great. I rented a doppler for my own rea__surance and listen to my angels heartbeat beating strong every night before I go to bed. You just can't beat that sound. Try and stay positive, as hard as that may be sometimes. I had a doctor tell me I was probably having a miscarriage, and now everything is absolutly fine. Never give up hope. Good luck to you and everyone else.


Amy - September 1

Amy hi i to have a doppler i rented and i listen to baby every day i m/c in may and i seem to be so worried about everything



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