Miscarriage After Seeing Heartbeat

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lisa - September 26

Amy, my doctor told only 3% chance of miscarriage, when you hear the heartbeat. So you should be fine. I did have miscarriage after hearing the heartbeat two times but had a bacterial infection called chorioamnionitis this causes the membranes to ruptures, This only happens in 1 to 2% of all pregnancy.


Erin - September 27

Michelle, are you going back for another ultrasound? It is unusual not to hear a heartbeat at your dates. I hope you have better luck than I did. I had my 3rd mc this year on Thursday at 9 1/2 weeks after seeing the baby and healthy heartbeat a few weeks before. I was told that after seeing heartbeat chance of mc BEFORE 9 weeks is 15%, after 9 weeks 3%. It appeared my baby stopped growing at 8 weeks, so that puts me in the 15% bracket. What type of ultrasound does your Dr. do? Is it the kind where the rub the jelly on your stomach, or the transv____al. If it is the stomach kind, there is a greater possibility that your baby may be there; if it's the v____al, however, I'm afraid your chance isn't as good. Fingers crossed for you.


Erin - September 27

Michelle - Remember most mc's after hearing the heartbeat are because of genetic abnormalities, so I know it's sad, but if that's the case and you lose the baby, it is nature's way.... My Dr. is sending the tissue from this mc out for genetic testing. It takes 4 weeks, but it will tell me if it was a random thing or if I might have an underlying problem of some kind. I am going to have blood tests for immune issues, clotting problems, hormone imbalances, etc. My other mc were all early (6 weeks) and embryo never develope. Just an empty sac.


Erin - September 27

Lisa - how were you finally diagnosed???


Tara - September 27

Michelle, did your doctor try to locate heartbeat through ultrasound? My friends doctor tried a doppler and at 10 weeks you might not be able to hear or find heartbeat. My friend was 17 weeks and they sent her home thinking the worst she went for an ultrasound and baby was healthy and had a strong heartbeat. Im praying for you and your little one.


Vee - September 27

Hi Amy, I was 6 weeks pregnant when we saw the first heartbeat. When I went back for my scan, I was bang on 12 weeks, they said that somewhere between that scan and the last my babeis heart had stopped beating. I had a forced miscarrige in hospital on 13th July. I am 2 weeks late now so I have my fingers crossed. Good luck xxx


Tara - September 27

I agree when they say the chances if you see heartbeat with abdominal ultrasound that the baby has better chance then if it was transv____al. My miscarriage in June 2005 doctor did ultrasound but could only find heartbeat through transv____al I was 6 weeks and 4 days and baby was only measuring 5 weeks 2 days. Ultrasound couldent pick up how many beats per minute we could just see it was beating. Well I was sent home thinking everything was ok. I had a anouther ultrasound by an Obgyn in his office at 9 weeks and he never tried to pick up heartbeat on abdominal ultrasound he was just looking to see if it was one pregnancy not twins. His only comment was that everything sac fetus was really small. He must have thought things were ok because he booked me for my 18 week ultrasound at the hospital and congratulated me on my pregnancy.I went in again at 12 weeks and doctor could find no heartbeat. I read on a report in my family doctors office that baby had most likely died at 8 weeks. I was mad because they should have picked it up at my 9 week ultrasound. My new pregnancy has been very stressful and even though the two ultrasounds one at 7 weeks 1 day and anouther at 8 weeks 4 days picked up a heartbeat Im still terrified of going to my 12 week appointment and hearing bad news all over again. I have 2 weeks until appointment and Im having nightmeres and panic attacks.I wish doctors would have told me with the first there was a possibility that pregnancy might not continue . My dates were really off and not once did I get a heartbeat that would register in the ultrasound machine. I guess only god knows what will happen, but looking back there were signs that my little one would not make it. Wishing the best for all you ladies that have lost a little one or have a baby growing inside you. You are all in my prayers!!


Michelle - September 27

Thanks for all who answered me. I had an ultrasound today and I saw the baby and it was fine! I guess it was still too early to hear the heart beat. I will go for my next appointment in 2 weeks, hopefully I will hear it then. But as for now, the fetus looks great! He or she was really wild! :) thanks again!


Tara - September 29

Thats great news michelle! I have to wait until October 11 for my first appointment with Obgyn and its taking forever. I over heard another mother telling one of teachers at my daughters preschool she was expecting again. There was a lot of congratulating and to be honest with you as soon as I left I just felt like crying. I cant wait until Im at the point where I start feeling confident in this pregnancy. Im 10 weeks 3 days and my last baby I lost at 12 weeks , so the next couple of weeks are going to be emotional for me. All I can do is pray we all end up with healthy little ones!!


Michelle - October 1

Tara, Hang in there, I'm sure that your baby will be fine. I will pray for you and your baby. Let me know how your appointment goes. Keep in touch. When is your due date? Mine is 4/23/06


Tara - October 1

Thanks Michelle, My due date is April 24, so were pretty close! I rented a fetal heartrate doppler and it works pretty good, but my little ones heart beats so fast I have a hard time counting. Im just happy its beating.I have 11 more days till my first Obgyn appointment, but Ill let everyone know how its goes. take care and best wishes to everyone!!


Eunice - October 3

Hi all


kelly - October 3

i seen my babies heartbeat and it was a good strong one,i had all my scans and all was well.when i got to 18 weeks i began gettin cramps,i went 2 hospital n they said it seemed like minor contractions but they eased off so i was allowed home,two days went by and i felt ill then one morning i began getting really severe pains every few minuites i began to panic but i had only heard my sons heartbeating 2 days before and didnt want to believe anything was wrong.as the pains got stronger i went into the day a__sesment unit and they took me n listened again to my babies heartbeat it was fine,seconds later my waters broke and i was rushed up to the delivery suite.there was nothing they could do my baby was to premature to save.his heart was beating up until two hours before he was born.they couldnt find a reason why this happened i couldnt understand why this happened because i done everything right..i think god takes over and whwtever will be will be,im glad to say i now have a 20 month daughter born on boxing day so dont worry about what could happen just be blessed that you are pregenant and that so far all is well and im certain you wil be fine xx


Kyra - October 3

Tara, You should be really careful with that Doppler; there are indications that too much ultrasound can actually harm the fetus. I know it's soothing to hear the heart beat and that you can go crazy with not knowing, but I'd err on the side of safety and caution.


Tara - October 3

Kyra, I did quite a bit of reasearch on the doppler and effects of over use. There has never been a reported case of problems with fetus caused by using ultrasound, doppler ect, but they do say to limit the amount of time you listen to heartbeat 10 minutes and if you dont find it stop using and try another time. I actually havent been using my that much, its been 3 days since last time and wont use it until I turn 12 weeks day before my appointment.I still dont want to take any chances with this little one. Kelly, Im so sorry you had to through that. Ill be praying for you! Best wishes to everyone!!!


nique - October 9

i am pregnant 4 the third time and i have had 2 mc prior to this pregnancy. With my last pregnancies i mc around 8 weeks there was no heart beat present either time. I am now 6 weeks and 2 days , just saturday i heard a strong hb from the baby at 123 bpm. Should i be concerned?



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