Miscarriage After Seeing Heartbeat

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nique - October 9

i am pregnant 4 the third time and i have had 2 mc prior to this pregnancy. With my last pregnancies i mc around 8 weeks there was no heart beat present either time. I am now 6 weeks and 2 days , just saturday i heard a strong hb from the baby at 123 bpm. Should i be concerned?


stacey - October 10

hi amy, my husband and i found out we were pregnant on 9/9 and saw healthy heartbeat on u/s at 7 wks. we were told everything looked great and my next appt was 10/5. I started spotting on 10/3 and saw my dr same day and was told baby's heart stopped beating after 8 wks and I'd have to have a D&C. Dr. scheduled d&c for thursday but baby began to pa__s Tuesday morning at work. I was devastated as this was our 1st child and we'd been ttc for a year. I made it to my dr and he told me most of the baby pa__sed but I still needed to have d&c done to ensure my womb was clear of any tissue. It was a very hurtful experience b/c it left me feeling so empty, I mean the thought of being pregnant and then not pregnant is really hard to accept. It's been 5 days and my husband and I are doing much better as we've accepted the loss and definitely are going to try again. I think it's important for couples to grieve and have the support of family & friends. My dr told us to wait after one normal cycle which should occur in 4 to 6 wks after having d&c before we ttc but said it's okay to have s_x 2 wks after d&c procedure so we're anxiously waiting for next week to come so we can be intimate in that way again. We have a strong faith in God and are just trusting in him for a bigger and brighter future and know in his timing we'll be parents again! I guess my advice to you is to stay in touch with your dr and just hope for the best. I'll be praying for you!


Jo - October 11

I has ultrasound on Week 8 and confirmed by ob that baby has heart beat. However, when i went to see the ob by 9th Week when i notice some minor spotting, ob told me baby has no heart beat anymore. Checked by 2 obs, both gave same feedback. So i am going for D&C. Well, this is part of life. Doc said it's unhealthy pregnancy.


Erin - October 12

Stacy and Jo - Is this your first mc?? Take heart, mc's around 8 weeks are most always due to chromosomal abnormalities, and are a random occurance. Just bad luck. You will have a great chance for a healthy baby next time.


Stacey - October 13

Hi Erin, yes this was my first m/c. I agree with you and know in time we'll have a healthy baby. Thanks.


amanda - October 14

i miscarried a couple months ago. I was about 10 weeks but the fetus had died at about 7 weeks. I had seen a heartbeat at 6 weeks with an ultrasound. I am now pregnant again and scared as HELL!!!!! I just hope to make it to about 12 weeks and everything fine at that point and I will be a very happy mother! VERY VERY HAPPY!!! right now, i'm so scared that i don't think it will hit me that i am pregnant and going to be a mother until i know they are there to stay after about 12 weeks and i see a heartbeat.


amanda - October 14

since my miscarriage happened after i saw a heartbeat, at about 7 weeks, you say it was just a rare occurance being unlucky i guess. So you think this baby should be healthy? God i hope so!!


Erin - October 14

After seeing heartbeat at 7 weeks, risk of miscarriage is between 10 and 15 percent. After ten weeks, 3 percent. Unfortunately, someone falls into the unlucky percentage. Me, for instance.


julia - October 16

Erin, i know how you feel...it's just not fair especially afetr seeing a heart beat. I saw a heart beat when i went to the ob at, what he dated to be 5 weeks, 10 days later no heart beat. I have been spotting for 4 weeks, bascially my whole pregnancy so i had a feeling that it wasn't going to be smooth sailing. I have to go for another scan on wednesday...so far i haven't miscarried but am expecting it anyday...if not by next week i'll get a D&C...i have a yuck feeling keeping it inside. Also i just want to start again asap...also i hate the fact my b___st are so sore for no reason, and eating madly! I'm also praying for a miracle, they might find a heart beat again, doubtful thinking i know.


Kara - October 16

Julia - I am so sorry to hear about your baby. I can tell you from personal experience that you will feel so much better after the d/c. Emotionally you will still hurt, but physically you will be able to start to heal. I have gained between 7-14 lbs with each m/c. Something happens to the metabolism. I gain the most with the first one and then after that I knew what to expect. So I purposely denied myself what I was craving so I wouldn't have to much to loose afterwards. I hope you feel better soon. Best wishes.


Jo - October 17

Hi Erin, Yes, this was my first m/c. Well, hope everything will be smooth for me, am a bit excited to try for another baby. But some said better stop for few months to let the womb recover......is that true? Can i start to try to conceive as soon as i get my first period?


Kathryn - October 17

I am 11 weeks pregnant. My doctor heard the hb on Oct. 12th with doppler but I started bleeding on Oct. 14th. I had and ultrasound that day and the baby looked healthy so the ob said to wait until my next scheduled appointment in 4 weeks. Does this seem normal? I'm still spotting and very worried but he didn't seem that concerned.


Erin - October 18

I had some unexplained spotting (very minor) in my only successful pregnancy, in the second trimester. The placenta was "low" and pulling away from the cervix I was told. Where is your placenta. If it's low this could be why. It's harmless.


jackie - October 19

I have just found out that i am having my 3rd miscarriage. Our first was at 13 weeks we saw the HB @7 weeks then at 13 they said something had happened around 6-7 weeks. The 2nd Mc was at 5 weeks. now this one we say the HB @6 weeks and when we went back at 8 weeks no hB. We have had every test done they say it is just bad luck. I don't know how to pick myself up to try again. im running out of hope. I am emotionaly exausted!


Erin - October 19

Dear Jackie - I am on my fourth mc, so know how you feel... I am seeing my Dr tomorrow to find out the results of the tests they did on the fetus I mc at ten weeks (but which die at about 8)... I haven't had any blood work done yet, but I bet that's next. I'm 37 and short on time, although I do have a beautiful 8 year old daughter, so very lucky in that respect. My mc's have all been completely different, one was even ectopic. So dr's are betting it's just bad luck for me too. Even if it is, after 3 mc's you're a lot more frightened to roll the dice yet again.


Lior - October 19

I saw a strong heartbeat at almost 8 weeks but lost my baby three weeks later. Statistics on this vary (and remember the age of the mother always matters) but miscarriage rate after confirming a fetal heartbeat is as low as 2% or as high as 10%. The most commonly explained reason (a__suming a womans ovaries, uterus and cervix are in good shape) is at whatever point during the pregnancy some necessary genetic information was missing. Its not something the mother did and you cant lose your mind over it. In reality, the first trimester, however late, still puts a woman at a significant enough risk for miscarriage. tragically.



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