Miscarriage After Seeing Heartbeat

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Lior - October 19

I saw a strong heartbeat at almost 8 weeks but lost my baby three weeks later. Statistics on this vary (and remember the age of the mother always matters) but miscarriage rate after confirming a fetal heartbeat is as low as 2% or as high as 10%. The most commonly explained reason (a__suming a womans ovaries, uterus and cervix are in good shape) is at whatever point during the pregnancy some necessary genetic information was missing. Its not something the mother did and you cant lose your mind over it. In reality, the first trimester, however late, still puts a woman at a significant enough risk for miscarriage. tragically.


BRANDI - October 19

I lost my baby at 18weeks due to fetal demise. After 15 hours of labor I delivered her on 9/8/2005. This was my fourth miscarriage and I saw the heartbeat in 3 of the 4.


Erin - October 19

Brandi, I am so sorry...


kelly - October 20

I just miscarried after seeing the heartbeat as well. It was my first pregnancy and I began to spot brown very slightly in the 10th week. I had an ultrasound and she was able to see the fetus and the heartbeat. The fetus however measured two weeks smaller and I knew at that point that something was actually wrong. The spotting became more frequent and a week and a half later I began to bleed and went in for another ultrasound and the baby was gone, it must have died just after the previous scan. I had a D&C and it was definitely the right decision. Now it is over and I can move on. We want to try again but I am of course terrified that there was a problem with me (though I know it was likely a chance defect with the fetus). Does anyone know how likely a hormone problem with the mother is in this scenario?


Erin - October 20

It's possible, but the vast majority of mc at around 8 weeks are random chromosomal abnormalities. Did you send the tissue to the lab. Other possibilities are clotting and immune problems.


kelly - October 20

No, no testing was done because it was my first miscarriage (and first pregnancy). If it happens again they would begin various tests. I am 29 and my husband and I are very healthy and active people, no problems in our families, etc. so I keep feeling its so wildly unlucky that there must be an underlying problem with me.


Kelly - October 20

Maybe not, Kelly. Most women who have had only one mc have had it due to completely random genetic issues, that will not happen again. It has absolutely nothing to do with your lifestyle... Of course being unhealthy can contribute to problems. But chances are, you will be just fine. I miscarried my first pregnancy at 28, and had a beautiful daughter less than a year later!!! It's nine years on, and I've had 3 mc this year. Doctor things I have a genetic problem (we are testing) and that my little girl really is a miracle! Just knowing that gives me an entirely new perspective...But not to digress. You will most likely be fine, and will leave this board never to return!


kristin - October 20

i've had three miscarriages after seeing the heartbeat MORE THAN ONCE each time. Sorry for the bad news, but it's a very possible occurance. Good luck.


heather - October 21

i started spotting last friday at 3 wks post-IVF transfer. had an US on tuesday, everything fine, and then pa__sed tissue on thursday morning, went for an US and everything looked okay and then this morning pa__sed tissue two or three times and went in for an US and could STILL see the hearbeat, but could see the uterine lining starting to separate and get ready to pa__s. so now i've been pa__sing tissue all evening and i'm just wondering what causes a m/c when you can still see the heartbeat? today was 4wks1day post IVF transfer so i would be considered 6wks pregnant. anyone else have this experience?


Erin - October 22

Oh, Kristen! That's rough... I only saw the heartbeat, or even an embryo, once in my four mc's... That's why I was so sure this last pregnance was going to be OK... The only other time I saw a heartbeat was with my daughter.... My progesterone was low normal, so I insisted on supplements. Stupid idea, looking back. It just prolonged what usually miscarries for me at 6/7 weeks to 9/10 weeks... And got my hopes up for nothing. Progesterone is just not a band-aid for everyone although I am happy to know it helps some people...


TeddiBear - January 17

Well, I dont have an answer...I have a question. I have looked at some many posts all over the net, however I have most in common with these.... I am about 6-7 weeks I went for an internal u/s on the 14th, I did see and hear the hear beat! However I have been bleeding, heavy for about a week now...my dr. said not to worry because we saw the heart beat, but the day after the u/s my bleeding and pain (cramps) got much worse. Should I see another dr. or just wait things out? I am really annoyed at this point with all the bleeding....


mom2jess - January 31

I saw a h/b at 8 wks & m/c the next day. Doctors like to see a h/b of at least 120 & mine was 110.


stumpy2929 - September 13

i went for a check up at almost 13 weeks and o heart beat was found. Inow haveto wait 3 days to have a d and c. I am affraid that i will miscarry before then and I dont know what to exspect or sign and symptoms. I have no bleeding and justa few pain in my abdomen butmainly my upper back. I am just really scared right now.


aerb - September 27

I also miscarried AFTER seeing a h/b. I went in for my first u/s at 8w3d. On that u/s, the baby was only measuring about 6-ish weeks (and there was no question about the dating of my pregnancy as I had HCG quants of 380 at 15 dpo & 1273 at 17 dpo) but did have a h/b & was therefore considered "viable." My doctor gave me a very guarded prognosis, DESPITE the h/b, because of the very slow fetal growth. I was not even told the beats per minute of the h/b at that u/s, but I did get the sense that it was not normal (probably quite slow). Sure enough, when I went back for an u/s 2 weeks later at 10w3d, there was no longer a h/b-- I was diagnosed officially w/ a missed miscarriage. I never had a single episode of spotting or bleeding. I opted for a medical miscarriage 3 days later.


lerablue - January 20

i had a miscourage a day after i saw a strong heartbeat. i was 11 weeks. i still dont know what went wrong :-(


Ksprig - April 24

We lost our baby yesterday at 7 weeks, the day after seeing a strong heartbeat. We have no idea why. Sent for a scan due to some spotting and told everything was OK. Got up the next morning bleeding heavily. Lost the baby in hospital 4 hours later. No scan was done during or after the miscarriage and no answers as to why I saw a heartbeat and then lost my baby 24 hours later. Still very gutted :(



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