Miscarriage And Clomid

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felfel - January 14

I just had a miscarriage last week, it was really painfull, I am still so upset, I don't know how to get over it! I have already one 4 year old boy, so I think I have no problem carrying a baby, but I don't know, I was on clomid 50mg when I got pregnant, does clomid have anything to do with miscarriage? I heard it does thinning of the linning of the uterus, and sometimes it produces immature folicles, is that true, could it be the reason for my pain? the first one I got pregnant on my own, but my ovaries are very lazy, I ovulate every two month or so, that if I do ovulate.....I just want to try again, but am afraid of using clomid again:( Please help!


Kara - January 14

I am very sorry to hear about your loss. Clomid is often prescribed to rev up horomone production. So if anything it would help, not harm, the pregnancy. How far along were you?


felfel - January 15

I was 9 weeks , I feel like I had something very precious and lost it, I feel guilty because I lifted up lot's of things, i exausted myself that day, I don't know why I miscarried but I really feel bad about it.


Sue - January 15

Don't be so hard on yourself. I don't think that lifting up alot of things contributed to your miscarriage. I don't know enough about clomid to comment about that. Just keep the faith and hope that your pain subsides soon. All the best.


fara - January 18

hi..i read somewhere- if u r pregnant alredi n still taking clomid,ur chances of miscarriage are HIGH.


Carole - January 18

Hi Felfel! I was on clomid a lot last year. Probably a total of 7 out of 12 months. Way too long. I got pregnant on my own the month after my last clomid round. I was up to 100mg I think. It could have been 150. I think that my lining was very thin at this point. I didn't know that was a side effect at the time. I sure do now. I believe it may have had something to do with my m/c in August. But my hormone levels are out of sync and that is why I have trouble getting pregnant. If you need meds for ovulation, ask your doc about Femera. If I don't get pregant this month we are going to try Femera. Same results as clomid but not the awful side effects. Good luck to you.


anotherclomidtaker - January 18

I took clomid 50mgs 3 years ago and had a beautiful son. I got another prescription for 100mg clomid tablets in September 2005 and began taking it and conceived that month. I saw the hb at six weeks and went back 4 weeks later and there was no baby , just a sac. I had a D&C on 11/23/05. My dr told me that clomid can increase your chances for miscarriage. I also had a polyp and fibroids that he found at my 6 week u/s. And he said that I could miscarry.



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