Miscarriage And Progesterone Supplements

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moe - September 16

I was put on progesterone supositories in my fithh week when I finally figured out i was pregnant. I was told to take them until the end of week 10. We had an ultrasound with strong embryonic hearbeat at 7 and a half weeks, and my pregnancy symptoms were strong and on schedule. I stopped taking the progesterone at the end of week ten. At twelve weeks, an ultraound found no fetal heartbeat and estimated embryonic death around week eleven. I'm totally concerned that I killed my baby by stopping the progesterone too early. The timing is just too close not to worry about this. Can anybody help me shed light on this possible connection? If you've taken progesterone supplements through pregnancy, at what week did you stop taking them?


Nicole - September 17

I have read that progesterone prescriptions cannot prevent miscarriage only delay it-low levels of progesterone are not the cause of miscarriage they are a symptom of a pregnancy which is already failing and not destined to continue. I am sorry for your loss but do not feel you are to blame for what has happened.


moe - September 23

I followed up with my doctor, who said it's quite possible that quitting the progesterone killed the baby, but he added that the placenta should be making enough on its own to sustain pregnancy by week 8, and that there is proof progesterone after week 13 actually harms the baby. It makes me feel a bit less guilty, but no less sad.


teigan - September 24

hi, so so sorry about your loss, just wondering who on earth told you to stop the progestorone at 10 weeks, you should stop them at 12 weeks as that is when the placenta takes over with the baby and progestorone levels pick up more, the placenta only helps at 8 weeks if you have a good progestorone level, but if you were on them then yours will of been low, i think you need to look into this more deeply as i think you were told to come off them to early.. good luck xxx


Erin - September 24

Ten weeks is the academic standard for stopping progesterone - placenta should take over by then, if not, something is wrong with placenta/pregnancy. I started taking progesterone at 5 1/2 weeks for low progesterone (11.9). I had a baby with a heartbeat at 7 1/2 weeks. Two weeks later the sonogram showed that the heart had stopped and baby was disintigrating. Doctor is leaning toward chromosomal problem (we're having embryo tested). However, I still wonder if it was the progesterone, although the placenta was right for dates, as was the sac, which measured 9 1 weeks.... I'm not so sure if progesterone helps, although I know three people personally with low progesterone that had healthy babies after taking progesterone. Didn't help me, but I can't say why...


Mindi - September 30

With all due respect to Nicole's post below, her sources are entirely misguided. The FDA has never, ever proven that progesterone doesn't prevent miscarriage. Unfortunately, funding has been sadly unavailable for research that will prove that it DOES. However, there are countless real-life applications that have proven progesterone's effectiveness again and again, and thankfully many doctors have tuned into it. After two TERRIBLE miscarriages, I was put on progesterone with the 3rd pregnancy. I'm still pregnant now with that baby (currently 6 months along). There is ZERO DOUBT in my mind that the progesterone is what saved this pregnancy. I went off the progesterone at 12 weeks (and was a nervous wreck about it, but apparently it did the trick). If my doctor had told me to stop before the 12th week, I would have secretly kept taking it until then anyway, since all the practical research I've seen says it's safe to take until then...


Mindi - September 30

I almost forgot -- I ran into this web site when I was researching my own use of progesterone. It outlines the crusade of two women who are plan to pet_tion the FDA to do more research on the benefits of progesterone in preventing miscarriage. They've collected almost 80 stories from women who have had successful pregnancies because of progesterone. Some of the stories are mind-boggling, and make a person wonder how in the world doctors aren't prescribing progesterone at every possible opportunity to save babies! Check it out: http://mysite.verizon.net/res1fmz0/id13.html


Erin - September 30

I know many women who have had success with progesterone after several mc's. When I found out my progesterone was low, I was sure this would do the trick. I thought all would be just fine when I saw my baby and it's heart beating at 7 1/2 weeks. I believe that the progesterone did work for me as the placenta grew and the sac was right for dates, and there was no spotting or cramping. I only knew from the ultrasound. BUT, something else was clearly wrong, and the progesterone can't stop other problems that exist... If the tests show that this last mc was the result of a chromosomal abnormality, I am going to insist that I take progesterone from the minute after I ovulate. I'm sure Dr. will go along with it, as he pities me know. I had been using the crinone suppositories and they were disgusting. I would like to take the pills next time. I get pregnant very easily, so I'm thinking that will be pretty soon.



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