Miscarriage At 17 Weeks

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dlynn78 - June 28

I just recently had a miscarriage at 17 weeks yesterday and just can't comprehend things. I just feel so guilty about everything. My doctor suggested I wait and see if I pass the miscarriage naturally because the fetus was so small. My mother in law thinks I should be having surgery this instant. I am so confused and scared about going through this procedure. Has anyone been through a miscarriage after the 12 weeks?


littleangel - June 28

hi dlynn78, first of all i am so sorry for your loss, i think you should have surgery to help you as the longer you leave your baby it will be harder for you to cope with and a natural m/c might not happen which could make oyu poorly, i loss my DD kayleigh-anne at 22wks on the jan 11 06 due my placenta dying and not producing enough oxygen to her, and i had to go in to labour, it was 10 hours of labour the worse pain and the worse thing i have ever done in my life, its is so hard to think you given birth but theres is no baby at the end to take home, i felt empty and so lossed. so i truly understand how you are feeling, please dont feel guilty and blame your self, its not your falt this has happened. when you have your baby they will help you find out why this happened. i hope every thing goes well and please let us know how you get on, if you ever need to chat or need to vent then you can talk to me on "Help thourgh m/c part 5" and the woman on there are just great and will give you advise if you need it. take care you are in my thoughts and prayers :) jo


Tanya - June 28

DLynn, I'm so so sorry for your loss. I think we all feel guilty when we go through a loss, but please know that it's not your fault. I lost my little boy last August. I was also 17 wks. I had started bleeding at 11 wks, but the reason was never known. He continued to grow and had a healthy heartbeat until week 17 when my water broke. My doctor induced me and I delivered him a few hours later. Like littleangel said, it is so hard to go through labor & delivery knowing that you will not be able to bring your baby home. You said the fetus was small. Does your doctor believe your baby's heart stopped weeks ago? I've heard of doctors suggesting to let things happen naturally at an early stage, but not later. Please don't wait long. There is a risk of infection not to mention how emotionally difficult this will be on you to go through this, especially at home. Do you have a follow-up appt. soon? Again, I'm so sorry and wish you didn't have to go through this pain. This site has been a wonderful support for me. I hope it brings some needed comfort to you as well. You're in my thoughts & prayers


frankschick2001 - June 28

I have not had a miscarraige at 17 weeks. I had ne at almost 9 and had the D&C procedure which made everything easier for me. I cannot imagine pa__sing it myself at 17 weeks. I am surprised your doctor told you to do so.


dlynn78 - June 28

Little Angel, Thanks so much for referring the thread to me with all of the wonderful and supportive women. I am very sorry to hear about the loss of Kayleigh-Anne. I am opting for the D&C as it is a day procedure and is usually done with minor complications. Thanks for your advice. d


Miangelina - July 3

dlynn78 this past March 31 I miscarried with my twin girls Mia and Angelina at 21 weeks. An infection caused my cervix to dilate which caused the bag of waters to bulge out. I was upside down for 3 days with the doctors all hoping that it would go back in on its own. They wanted me to be the one to tell them to give me the drugs to abort my girls but luckily my body gave me no choice. It turns out there was an infection so strong that to antibiotic or other medicine could cure it. They only way to get rid of it was to abort my girls. I too know how horrible it is to deliver and not have a baby to take home. I also suggest doing it soon because if you do get an infection it can hamper you chances of becoming pregnant again. If you need to talk I'm here.



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