Miscarriage At 6 Months

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Jolina - September 22

My friend told me that she miscarried this week. She was supposedly due sometime in Dec. I say supposedly because she took several pregnancy tests with me around and they all turned out negative. Then, when the last one did, she went ahead and told her bf that she was indeed pregnant because she just knew she was regardless of the test saying she was not. She never looked pregnant nor seemed to have any symptoms of being pregnant. I think maybe she lied about being pregnant to "trap" her bf. Because shortly after, she moved in with him and has played the pregnancy card anytime she wants anything from him. I just wanted to know if it is possible to miscarry at 6 months. All ultrasounds that she supposedly had last week said that baby was doing fine. I thought that at 6 months the baby if formed well enough that you can't miscarriage, but instead have to give birth to the dead fetus?


Mindy - September 22

Jolina- I'm sure if she lossed the baby this week at 6 months she would have needed to go to a hospital to give birth because the baby is very formed. I think at 6 months, you are required to have a funeral for the baby also. I'm not real sure about that though. Maybe someone on this forum can help. Your friend's story sounds a little fishy.


Alison - September 23

Jolina I'm not sure what to make of your friend's story-did her BF see the scan photos or have you seen them? At 6 months it is a premature labour or a stillbirth rather than a miscarriage. Miscarriage is cla__sed generally as a pregnancy which ends before 20 weeks or 24 weeks (I forget which) At 6 months she would go through labour and the baby would require a funeral. If she has indeed lost her baby I am so very sorry for her and my thoughts are with her. If not then I am not sure what to suggest and would feel she needs help of some sort to deal with the issues in her life. My older brother was born nearly 3 months early and weighed only 2lb 13oz (I think it was 13oz anyway-certainly 2lb something) They said at first he wouldn't live but he was a little fighter and pulled through and was a (relatively) healthy little boy. At 6 months the baby will be very well formed and almost as developed as my brother was. I am so sorry if she did lose her baby that late on xxx


M - September 23

After 20wks you have still borns.A miscarriage happens before 20wks.She would need to go to the doctor-GOODLUCK


Jolina - September 23

No, nobody has ever seen the scans. Nor has anyone gone to the doctor with her. Well, her bf sometimes went with her, but he stayed in the waitingroom with her daughter. A lot of stuff just doesn't add up. I feel extremely awkward around her because of it. Trust me, though, I'm not a judgemental person. I've just been shelling about money left and right to her for the good of the baby. I'd like to know if there ever was a baby. But not bad enough that to confront her because I think that would upset her. Either way, she is still my friend and I care for her.


To Jolina - September 24

Alison has a point... any loss of pregancy after 6 months is really a stillbirth. Also, if she was 6 months along, you should have seen some sort of enlargement in her abdomen (when I was 6 months, I swelled up like a pig, and I'm 5'11"!!!) My nephew was born at 4 months, and he was no bigger than a $1 bill... He is now 2 years old, and as smart and trouble making as a two year old can be. On the other hand, there are certain genetic defects in the mom that can make her miscarry (still birth) well after the first trimester. These are usually clotting disorders such as Factor V Leiden, SLE, Prothrombin II mutation, etc, which can reduce the blood flow through the placenta to the fetus, and result in low birth weights, or miscarriage. I understand that you want to be a friend to her. I think the best route to take is to talk to her in a place that is neutral (i.e. not your home or hers) and make sure it is a calming atmosphere with little distraction. If you two are really good friends, she will eventually admit to whatever is going on, and you will continue to be friends. Don't give her any more money, though. My opinion... it sounds like she had a pretty sweet scam going on.


mommy62613 - March 8

My friend had said the same thing. She did'nt even look like she was 6 months.


mommy62613 - March 8

My friend had said the same thing. She did'nt even look like she was 6 months.



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