Miscarriage At 7 Weeks

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Crisy - May 3

I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks. I feel so lost and sad. How can I learn to cope with this horrible pain? It was my first baby and it was a planned pregnancy. I feel as if I will never recover. Any advice?


staci - May 3

I was exactly where you are 5 weeks ago. I am so sorry for your loss. It is so very painful. Each day will get better and you will have good and bad days. I m/c at 6.5 weeks a couple days after we saw the heartbeat and were told our risk of m/c was low. it is so hard to deal with, believe me you are not alone and you will find much comfort and the will to go on by being on this site. it has helped me very much! it too was our first baby and we planned it and tried for 5 months to get pregnant. knkow that there are many here for you and will listen! I feel your pain and know that you will be blessed with a healthy baby soon!


Tara - May 3

Crisy: I am so sorry to hear about your loss and feel your pain. This is the right place to come, as we've all gone through this terrible loss. I had a miscarriage at six weeks in March. This was also our first baby and planned. I felt like I would never be able to cope with things, but as time has pa__sed, things have gotten better. I still have my moments and cry, but they are not nearly what they were the first week or two after the m/c. I think there will always be some heartache, but things will get better. I'm now looking forward to trying again, although I'm nervous that it will happen again. Talking about it to my husband and family helped me a lot and I hope you are able to turn to someone during this hard time. You are not alone and I hope you are able to heal as the days pa__s.


Crisy - May 3

Thank you Staci and Tara. Hearing your stories helps me to know that I am not alone. My husband is very supportive and loving and it hurts even more because I know how much he wanted a baby. My prayers are with you and I hope that you will both have healthy babies. Thank you again for sharing your stories.


aa - May 3

Hi Crisy: First of all I am very sorry to hear about your loss. It probably seems as though you won't be able to recover or at least it will take a long time. To be tuthful it is going to be hard but somehow it get's better each day - like Staci says there are going to be good days and then bad days. I miscarried on Feb 5th at 10 weeks and I still have'nt gotton over it ... my pain has lessened as the days have gone by. My husband was very loving and supportive...but the truth was I'd put on a brave face...and when he'd go to work all I did was sit and cry....but I am better and pray that you will get better. This forum has been awesome, you'll see that there are some pretty amazing ppl who are out here and will write to you. So don't dispair time will heal your wounds .... take care my thoughts are with you.


crisy - May 3

Hi aa. Thank you for encouraging me. I found this site while I was on my lunch break. Yesterday was my first day back to work and I could't stop crying. Being able to communicate with other women who have had similar experiences is helping me to get by. There are moments when I am better and moments when I just want to break down in tears. I am also sorry for your loss. I pray that God will help all of us get over our sorrow.


Dewi - July 5

Hi Crisy and All, I experienced the same horrible thing two weeks ago. In fact, it was my 3rd miscarriage. I lost the 1st & 2nd in 18th & 17th weeks of preg. It's a tragedy to go through it over and over again. It took me 2 weeks to be ready to meet people. I was so scared if people will ask me questions I dont know the answers. I felt disabled, disfunction. But finally I learnt, our meant to be baby will for sure be born as our baby. It is just a matter of time. Keep the faith. Keep on trying. Get as many information you can get so that it wont happen in the future. Though I couldnt bring the baby to term, the good thing is I was able conceived. It is still a miracle.


Jen - July 5

Hi Crisy, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I had a miscarriage 2 days ago at 8 weeks pregnant. As the days go on it will get easier. I find talking with my husband and my close friends to be helpful. I know it is hard to think positive but now you know you can get pregnant, and you can try again when your body is ready. All the best to you.


loida - July 6

i no how u feel i been there



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