Miscarriage I Guess

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lori - March 9

I feel very confused.I have been bleeding off and on for 2 weeks. It has been light. I went to my doc. She sent me for an u/s . (I am at 11 weeks and pretty sure of it)They told me that my dates were mixed up and i look more at 7 weeks, They see a sac but nothing inside. They also expect it to be blighted ovum,But are not sure. I have to wait a week to find out. Since my u/s the bleeding is a little more and more often but no large clotting,Can a misscarriage be this slow of a process, The Doc didn't want to do a dnc in case it was a normal 7 week preg with just some bleeding. I am sooo confused Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


EMMA - March 9

i had a miscarriage few days ago, i had the same as you bleeding but no cramps or pain so i went for a scan, i was 14 weeks pregnant but the baby stopped growing at 5-6 but the sac had carried on growing weeks so it can take a long time for a miscarriage to happen. But if they say you are 7 weeks i think they should hear a heart beat did they say that???


chelle - March 9

I started spotting at 10 wks w/my last preg. I went to the hosp. They did an u/s and said I was only measuring 5wks 4days and hoped they had my due date wrong. Unfortunately what I had they refer to as a "missed preg" or "missed abortion" when the baby stops growing but you didnt miscarry. I ended up having a d&c after 3 u/s confirmed my preg. was going nowhere. I bled and cramped and clotted but could not seem to completely miscarry, my hcg was still rising. I hope this isn't the case with you, Im sorry if it is. All you can do it hope for the best. What is meant to be is meant to be. Best of luck to you lori.


TINA - March 10

I am also confused. I have been having heavier bleeding and off and on abdominal pain the last few days. Differing in severity. I went for u/s yesterday and i am five and a half weeks. They could only see gestatial sac.. no yolk sac. She said it may be too early but is this a sign of miscarriage.


Timmy - March 11

It may be a sign of blighted ovum (where the sac develops but not the baby) which is unfortunately a very common form of miscarriage. You are still quite early to see much if you are 5 weeks, but as you're pretty sure you're at 11 weeks I'm afraid it sounds like it could be a blighted ovum. I'm so so sorry am thinking of you.


neha - March 17

my case was same as ur's. 4 days after i came to know abo my pregnancy i started spotting brown blood. later on the color became pink. my u/s showed a sac of 5weeks 5 days but no. fetus. i was to be 8 weeks then. my hormone levels were rising very very slow. unfortunately i miscarried last week & had to have D&C. did u ask ur Dr for the hormone test? if not u shud.... some times in many women uterus is tilted & that's why they don't see the fetus. i think it's now just a waiting game. i took 3 weeks & 5 days to start the miscarriage.


April - March 18

I have been bleeding since Feb. 23. I have been to the doctor multiple times, had taken a urine pregnancy test a week ago that came back neg, had a pelvic exam, and other blood work done. A few nights ago i took a home preg test that came up pos. I called the doc. and they had me come in for a serum preg test. This test came up post_tive although my hormone levels are low and they suspect a miscarrage. I am going in today for more blood work but i am sad because we have been trying for over 6 mos. The docs are confused as to why the werent able to detect the hormone last week and they can this week. The other thing they suspected was maybe they caught an early pregnancy. But i doubt that i would be bleeding like i am. I will have more answers this afternoon. Anyone have any comments??


Kim - March 19

I'm not sure if i have had a miscarriage. I've had light bleeding and very bad cramps and pains. can you give me any hints to if i have or not? i would really appreciate it as i am so scared and confused.


Melanie - April 10

I had the same thing twice and i misscarried twice they were both blighted ovums. it started out with just streaks of light blood every time i went to the bathroom. i had ultra sounds done and i had a empty sac. sorry if this had happened to you its a hard situation to go through but just know your not alone!



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