Miscarriage Of One Fetus In Twin Pregnancy Anyone Else

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Amy - June 11

After a miscarriage last fall my husband and I were thrilled to learn in April that we were expecting twins! But, this week, U/S showed that one of the twins no longer had a heart beat. I am heart-broken for the loss but terrified that the other fetus will miscarry as well. There are articles that report that the demise of one twin generally does not effect the other twin. Now at 10 weeks and overwhelmed with anxiety and grief. Anyone else out there with similar experience?


Amy - June 12

Hey amy my name is amy also i had a twin pregnancy but i didn't find out their were 2 until the same day i miscarried and had the ultrasound i lost both but my grandpop is a twin his mom carried him full term after his twin pa__sed so i think you will be ok and lots of luck.


Amy - June 12

Keep me up to date on how you feel and how the baby is.


Amy - June 14

Thanks Amy. Going to the doc tomorrow...keeping my fingers crossed that everything is fine.


mel - June 14

I had a m/c with twins...lost one then a few days the other. i've read a lot about it and last night i watched a show on discovery health and people don't realize that about 1 out of every 8 pregnancies start out as twins. it is very very common to lose one and the other survive. they call it "vanishing twin syndrome". most women don't even know they're pregnant with twins. my sister miscarried one and the other one was born at 27 weeks...doctors said she'd have severe brain damage....but she's 9 now and the smartest girl in her whole grade!!! I wouldn't worry about the surviving twin too much. Just try to stay positive and I hope things work out for you!!!


Amy - June 14

Hey amy how are you?Let me know what happend at the doctors.LOTS OF LUCK.


Amy - June 16

Ultrasound showed surviving twin doing well...and getting big. Everything ok for now :) Thanks for the support.


mel - June 17

amy congrats!!!


Donna - June 18

Hi Amy, I had the same thing happen to me in my first prenancy, I lost one twin at 9 weeks & felt worried after for the other one, after a few more scans I was happy that everything was fine. At 37 weeks my daughter was born who is a happy & healthy 6 year old now. 14 weeks ago I discovered that I am pregnant again & last week exactly the same thing happened, except this time I lost one at 13 weeks. My husbands father was a twin with the other still born at birth. Just be positve, your body & nature has a funny way of sorting things out, if something is not right or not meant to be than its best to let nature take its course. I'm still slightly spotting now a week after having a heavy blood loss, but I had a scan 4 days ago showing the baby to be fine. I'd advise you to request a few more scans just to put your own mind at ease, it helped me just to see the baby was progressing well. Try not to worry to much. I am sure everything will turn out just fine, as I am hoping too. Wishing you & your family all the best of luck in the world.


Skye S. - June 26

Hopefully this gives you a bit of hope: My mom's friend was carrying twins...they thought she miscarried both...she was about 9w ... she refused the D&C and she carried a beautiful healthy girl (now 10) to term. I've also read a lot of things about twins and one dying (I was expected to lose one of my twins but lost both!) and as long as your twins are fraternal(sp?) and not identical/monoamniotic you should be fine :)



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