Miscarriage Or What I M So Confused

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Monica - December 30

I found out in oct. that i was pregnant, even tho i still had a period, then like a week after my unnormal period when i had s_x about 30 mins later i just started bleeding, not very heavy tho for about 3 days then after that just brown discharge for about 1 week.Then i got my nov. period which was 3 days early. And every now and then i was spotting.My stomach muscles even began to change and my stomach started to grow out.Then in Dec. my period came 2 days late, so i took a pregnancy test while i was on my period and it came out positive. Then 2 weeks later i had s_x and i started to spot again only for about an hour or so tho(and i noticed about 2 bloodclots). Then the next week, which is this week i went to the doctor to confirm my pregnancy and when they took the test it came out negative and they took it 2 times. It seems that my pregnancy signs have begun to subside sometimes. Today i took another test and it also came out neg.I was wondering is it possible that i miscarried and when i took the preg. test it came out positive cuz the hcg hormone was still in my system and i really had a miscarriage? Or, could i still be pregnant and the test is just somehow showing negatives. But i thought that if i were pregnant i would probably be showing by now , but i'm only bloated and gasy all the time and when i eat.My stomach still seems to be kind of growing out tho.(cuz i'm really pet_te and little, so maybe if i'm still preg. it might just take me a long time to start showing). Someone plezzzz give me your opinion. I'm soooooo confused! xoxo Thank U!!!!!


Faith - January 11

Wow, that does sound confusing. I am sorry to say but i think you might have had a miscarage. Usually even up to 2 weeks of a miscarrage the pregnancy test will show a positive. I think you should go back to the doctor for a blood test. Good Luck!



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