Miscarriage Past Present Amp Please Not In My Future Part II

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jessieb - July 5

taken from 'pregnancy after a loss: a guide to pregnancy after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death' "for most couples, the nine months leading up to the birth of a child is one of the most exciting times of their lives. From the moment they get the results of the pregnancy test, they begin making plans for the baby's arrival, telling family and friends, preparing the nursery and anticipating how everything will change once the child is born. But for those of us who have lost a baby during pregnancy or shortly after birth, the mere thought of tyring to conceive again unleashes a wave of emotions. While we may desperately want another baby, the idea of going through another pregnancy fills us with dread. So instead of making plans, we ask questions: why did my last pregnancy end in a loss? What could have been done to prevent it? Could it happen again? How long should I wait before getting pregnant? Should I keep the same doctor, go to the same hospital or use the same baby things? what will i do when i don't feel the baby move? will I ever be able to love another baby as much as i love the one i lost?"~Carol Cirulli Lanham.... let us help each other answer these questions and more. It helps me tremendously to know that I am not alone in this experience. I am sorry our loss has brought us together but I am glad we can find support in each other.


tonilee7 - July 5

Hi again, well thanks for starting a new forum I have an older comp and it takes for ever to load, this is heaps quicker, well I went to the toilet and low and be hold there was mucas but I am not sure wether that means that I am going to O or wether it is just my body getting rid of left over stuff, well it was only watering so if I am about to O it is only just starting, well I have my fingers and my toes crossed ~lol~ and every other part of my body that is crossable. I am sorry, what CD are you on, I know you mentioned it on the last thread but I have forgotten......well I can only hope that this is the beginning of my O......it will be so good ,take some of the pressure of anyway...well best be going, it is hard trying to keep up with all the different threads, as soona s you finish writing in one you have a reply in another...well good luck keep us up to date and I will do the same..I am glad we have other women to talk to about this, knowing that they actually understand ...~*~*~babydust~*~*~


Frances - July 6

Hello again all, hope I'm not intruding. I just wanted to say that I'm still praying for all of us! I also wanted to share my philosophy on my m/c. I believe that any little ones that aren't born here are my treasures in heaven. My losses here are my gains there, so I don't feel like I'm really losing, just moving my treasures around. The only way I can really lose is if I lose my hope. I just wanted to share and say that we will all be blessed with babies one way or another, although I have great hope that it is sooner for us rather than later! Anyway, much love to you all and keep hoping!!


chandellina - July 6

Hi Jessie - that is so true. it makes me sad for all of us that we can't have that pure excitement and joy when we get our BFPs. I am excited to get pregnant again but i know i will be asking all of those questions and even if i get past the first trimester i will then be obssessively worrying about down's syndrome, etc. (since I'm 36) frances - you have a lot of faith and that is inspiring. tonilee, i know it is so frustrating when you just want to immediately get pregnant again. i'm on my fourth cycle after mc and will just go mad if it doesn't happen this time! (i got pg on 4th cycle after my first mc so here's hoping.)


KitCat - July 6

Hi ladies....jessie, thanks for the new thread. My computer is also an older one and it's better loading with the new thread now. :) tonilee, it sounds like that may be you CM getting ready for O, good luck to you. Chandelina, I am in the same boat as you are. I just turned 37 last month, so I think you and I have all the same worries. However, there are lots and lots of older women that have perfectly healthy babies. Hopefully you and I will be two more of them. Good luck everyone. Today is cd27 for me, 13dpo. I'm going to wait till Saturday to test because I have 32 day cycles with clomid. Even then a HPT may not pick up a +. Guess it depends on the brand. *baby dust* and good luck to everyone of you.


Diann - July 6

Mornin' all, Sarah to answer your questions.... my inlaws are gone on saturday, thank goodness, to be honmest i'm not overly sure i want to go to visit at christmas. Still no Af. HPG test - i haven't gotten one yet. I'm waiting, I ordered 10 from testsforless. they're just too expensive to purchase them all the time so I will wait until I get them which should be monday. sometimes life just sucks, a coworker who is a month older then myself (34) just found out that she is going thru premature menaphause, she has no children. and will never be able to now. I feel for her but I'm glad that I can still ttc. no matter how many losses i may experience. until then i put my heart and soul into my puppy, who is totally amazing. until i can have a perfect baby i will have a perfect dog. jessieb - my thoughts and tears are with you. ....... babydust


jessieb - July 6

good morning ladies! sorry, i didn't realize the thread was so slow to load. i have highhhhh speed at home and work! i am CD11 today. i don't think i O yet. cervix is high but not soft yet. it gets realllllly soft, i remember from months past. oh and no fertile CM yet. can't wait!! i am sure it is days away.


jessieb - July 6

oh diann, that is so unfortunate for your colleague... i feel for her. that must be devastating. frances, you are in NO way intruding, stay around! i like you att_tude, maybe it will rub off on me!


M2 - July 6

Hi All, I have had my 2nd misca last Fri..it was terrible. I was 8 weeks preg. I am devastated after this one & now really scared if I am ever going to carry my child to full term. I feel very depressed at home. But I have been trying to tell myself that I rather wait & have normal kids than have one who is born with some defect...trust me..life would be worse for us...we must be strong & fight this...try going out...shopping doing other things to take your mind off else we will all go crazy thinking about this all the time. Take care & u r all in my prayers.


littlenurse73 - July 6

M2 I'm sorry to see you here too. You were on one of the 1st trimester threads that I was on. I think maybe the low progesterone one. I too m/c last Friday at 10 1/2 weeks. I had a checkup with my regular ob/gyn today. I feel better now after seeing him. He would like me to wait one cycle before ttc again, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if I didn't he said. He calmed some of my fears by telling me that we could monitor more closely the next pregnancy like beta hcg's and early ultrasound. So........I hope we all get our next bfp's soon. I just want to pregnant again and have a healthy baby.


littlenurse73 - July 6

I'm so tired of bleeding from this m/c!!!! This is the 7th day and I just want it to stop so my body can go back to normal and ovulate again. How long did all you girls bleed after m/c. I did not have a D & C procedure. Mine was a natural m/c with some help of medication. My doctor said at the checkup today that my uterus was pretty much normal size again, and he doesn't believe there to be any retained tissue. Hopefully that means this will stop soon.


jessieb - July 6

welcome M2, when was your first ms? any children, seems like no? little nurse, i bled for almost three weeks with my first miscarraige last year! sorry, that doesn't sound good. but that was counting it all, from the first spot to the last, it was about threee weeks. this year with the d&c, it lasted about a week. i hope it stops soon for you. it is really hard to move on and heal when the physical signs are still there. i hope today is it for you!


littlenurse73 - July 6

Jessieb and M2 I just wanted to say that I have a significant history of depression including being on antidepressants 3 separate times. During my last bout of depression I decided that going to get some counselling would do me some good. At that point in my life I was severely depressed and thinking about hurting myself. I spent in total about 4 months getting counselled. It really was a good experience for me. (Although I really hate spilling my guts to someone else!!! LOL) I remember that you Jessieb were thinking about counselling to get over the m/c's and I would suggest it. It really can be helpful. M2 that is good that you are keeping yourself busy and not staying at home all the time. I know that it is helpful too, which is why I went back to work yesterday (Wednesday) following my m/c. The ob that saw me that evening wanted me to take off this whole week. I just felt that I would be less apt to get depressed if I just went back to my normal routine and not sit home alone while dh was at work.


SaraH - July 6

Hey, all glad to hear from some of you who we haven't heard from for awhile. M2, welcome, although I'm sorry you have reason to join this thread. littlenurse73, I've had 2 m/c naturally. With the 1st one I bleed for about 17 days. Actually it was only 15 days of bleeding but it occurred over a 17 day period. The second m/c from start of spotting till the last day of spotting was a total of 12 full days, but the 1st day and the last 4 days were all very light bleeding or spotting so about 7 full days of bleeding. Hope it gets over for you soon. Baby dust and prayers


tonilee7 - July 6

well, jessie b, you have obviously made this a very sucsessful thread, I do believe it was only yeaterday that you started this new thread and already is has so many posts "well done". So how is everyone going?.....good I hope, I was a bit down the last few days but I feel I am much better today, I was meant to be O about now but there are no signs of it so I am a bit peeved at it.....but I guess there is plenty of time for that to happen, I had a good chat with dh last night he made me see a bit of sense, his does understand he just doesnt show it........well I am praying for every one of us, that soon we will get our wish, keep us all up to date as to how you are all going......well goodluck to all!!!! ~*~*~babydust~*~*~


tonilee7 - July 6

Hi girls I havnt noticed you all saying about how your cervix is....mmmm......how do you know this or more to the point how do you check? I have never heard of this before


littlenurse73 - July 7

M2 I know how you feel when you saw the maternity clothes at Walmart. Yesterday I took back some maternity clothes I had bought to Target. It didn't make sense for me to keep them in the closet. I still have a whole basket full of maternity that my sister brought over the day before the m/c. I need to hide them so I don't have to look at them all the time.



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