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mkromero - February 13

I was pregnant at about 4/5 weeks and started bleeding on Jaunuary 26th 2007. I did some Beta test to determine i was miscarriaging. The levels were 147. Since then I have not used protection and want to conceive right away. Througout this time my last beta test was 17 on 02/12/07. I think I ovulaed last week, lots and lots of cervical muscus. Can I still get pregnant even though my levels are showing 17? What are my chances of getting pregnant again and is it more dangerouse getting pregnant so soon? A few days ago I started feeling pregnant again, tired and nipples are tender. Would the beta testing pick that up yet? Thanks for your time and quick response. Monica


DownbutnotOUT - February 13

I think the levels have to be lower than that because when HCG is in the body it stops ovulation, i wish i could tell you the level but I would say anything more than 5 could delay ovulation. After a m/c you can have pregnancy symtpons 4-6 weeks after your m/c, i know its sick and twisted for your body to play tricks on you. For me i had a missed m/c in may i was suppose to be 11 weeks 1 day but the baby pa__sed at 6 weeks 6 days and I ended up m/c naturally 4 days after the first bleed. I got pregnant right after my m/c in June and ended up having a chemical pregnancy (m/c) and it crushed me. I didnt have a period for 2 months and when it finally did september 3rd i started drinking a soy drink before O time, I od early and got CM. i am currently over 23 weeks pregnant and the baby is fine. I have heard of other women getting pregnant right after a m/c and things turn out fine and that other times it ending in heartache. i would say wait at least 1 cycle give your body time to heal, I know how hard that is when all you want is to pregnant. Also for beta it could be picking up the end of your m/c or the start of a new pregnancy the onyl way to tell is a repeat test.


mkromero - February 14

Thank you for your response. It makes sense to me. If the HCG levels are in my body there is no way to get pregnant. I am going to play it a little safer and pray that everything is ok. God is in control and the waiting part is the hardest. Hopefully I will have my menstrual soon. It will be 4 weeks on Feb 16th. Do you know how soon after you get to 0 you will get your menstrual? I know they say 4-6 weeks but is that the from the first bleed of the miscarriage or from the time you get to 0?? When you have a miscarriage it makes you realize how blessed your are to even have a baby. Thanks for your reply. I have to prie things from the doctors. They will never really give you a straight answer. Congrads on your baby. Is it a boy or girl? I have been drinking soy. I enjoy soy, but why should you drink that before od?


stefkay - February 14

mkromero, I think that normally you would get your period 12-16 days after ovulation regardless of the m/c before that ovulation. I'm pretty sure based on charting that i o'd around the 10th or so and that was about a week after my last test came back with the hcg at 0 (my hcg could have been back at zero before that blood draw though because they only tested once a week from the time of m/c). The ovulation also seemed to happen about a week after the bleeding/spotting stopped completely. It all seems to coincide since my nurse told me that my spotting would stop once my hcg reached 0 which is what happened in my case.


mkromero - February 14

StefKay. Thanks for your response. I stopped bleeding about 6 days after first sign of miscarriage and about 3 days ago my levels were at a 17. There is so many different answers out there. Any suggestions if we should stop ttc or what to do? I want to be pregnant sooo bad. Why about a week ago i had tons and tons of cervical muscus. I have never had that much before. It seemed to last about 5 days. Anyone experience that? That would have been about 1 week and 2 days after the mc. Are you ttc?



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