Miscarriage Rates

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Just Curious - April 13

I read somewhere that if you see a strong heartbeat at 8 weeks and everything else in your pregnancy has been normal (i.e. no spotting/bleeding/hormone problems etc.) that the risk of miscarriage drops to 3%. What does everyone think about this? How far along were you when you miscarried & was your dr able to tell you when the baby actually died? (many times the baby dies a few days to weeks before you actually experience the miscarriage)..


Alison - April 13

I too have heard that if there's a heartbeat then that your risk goes way down to a very low percentage. My first m/c I was 9 weeks when a scan showed no heartbeat. They said my baby died about 1-2 weeks before as it was also too small. My 2nd m/c was different as it was a blighted ovum-discovered at 7 weeks then confirmed again at 8 1/2 weeks after double checking with scans and blood tests (& a laparoscopy to rule out eptopic) Both times I'd only had a speck of blood and took pills to bring on m/c as my body didn't seem to quite realise what was going on yet. They said it could take weeks for it to happen so that's why I took the pills.


Liz - April 13

All the major organs are developed within the 8th week, so that's why they say that. I had a u/s at 6 weeks which showed everything was fine and a heartbeat then. I went back at 10 and they couldn't find the hb. They said she had died at approx 8 weeks.


rb - April 13

Last month I went for my first checkup at 9 weeks. There was no heartbeat, also the baby was size 6 wks. They gave me a week to come back and recheck......results were the same at 10 wks. So I had actually m/c 3 wks before that but my body did not realise. I was scheduled for D& C but started m/c naturally after the week 10 but still needed the D&C. I did not have any bleeding before 10 wks.


Kathy Z. - April 14

I m/c at 11 wks...saw the baby's hb at 8 wks, it was strong at 156bpm. At my 12 wk u/s there was no hb and they said the baby died a week or two prior to that.


Sandra - April 14

I went for my first scan at 10 weeks, at which point they founf the baby had died at 6.4 weeks. Had a D&C as dr said it did not appear I was would m/c by myself. I understand weeks 6-8 are when most development takes place, and also the most common time to m/c.


Jill - April 15

I was 8 weeks when I went to the DR.s and saw the heartbeat and everything was fine. Then I started spotting a week later and went in and the baby was dead. I have 2 kids and this is my second in a row.



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