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aa - June 3

Hi Guys....I don't know where to begin! I had a miscarriage a while back on Feb 4th, waited my 3 months to make sure everything was normal...my Dr. did an entire physical on me (the whole works, pap and blood) my blood test revealed that I am not immuned to Rubella aka German Measles which can be VErY dangerous if you contract it while you are preg. This month I thought I was going to finally try after waiting and waiting for months...to fill that void ! My Dr said it's a simple shot...but here's the catch I can't conceive for 3 months!!!!! I don't know what to do, she told me my option and said its entirely up to me...I'm thinking that for the best even if there is a slim chance I can get rubella, I'll get the shot...but when I did some research on the net...they are saying that we no longer have to wait 3 months 28 days is fine...anyone have any thoughts?? please help me im in such a dilemma! Thanks


elyse - June 3

hi aa, i would wait the three mnths if it were me just to be safer than sorry you would know you did every thing possible you could to be safe.But the last decision is yours mate.good luck


crisy - June 5

Hi aa. I'm a nurse by profession and I live in Montreal Canada. Here we always advise the women to wait 3 months, after they get the MMR shot, before trying to conceive. It can be very dangerous for the baby. Please wait before you conceive. Don't take the advice from the net. Take care.


Liza - June 5

I would wait 3 months atleast if not longer...I got the shot when I got married in oct. (thought it was required come to find out it wasnt and wouldnt have done it otherwise) well here I am and I waited for 3 months to get pregnant, got pregnant right away and guess what? I had a miscarriage with that pregnancy so I dont know but I think that is part to blame!


crisy - June 6

Hi Liza. I got my MMR vaccine when I was 16 years old. I am 27 yrs. now and I had my miscarriage. It was my first pregnancy. Although I got the shot I am not immune to mumps and the only reason I am immune to measles and rubella it's because I had those diseases when I was a child. I work with pregnant women and little kids. All the other nurses tell me that I should get another shot of MMR. I don't want to because I have to wait 3 months before conceiving and also because I don't think that this vaccine is good for the body. This is my oppinion and everybody thinks I'm a bit nuts. I think that when I will have children, I won't even immunise them against the mumps, measles and rubella. I will wait until they are adolescents because I know of people whose kids died or became authistic after receiving the vaccine.


to crisy & everyone from aa - June 6

Hi everyone ! Thanks for the heads up! Okay so I know that I have to get this shot (although I don't want to :( but I know this is for the best....okay just to clarify Crisy if you elborate does one have to wait exactly 3 months or would you recommend longer? And another question, what would happen if one was to get preg before the 3 months! The only reason why I'm taking this shot is that where I live (in Toronto) up noth in Sarnia (other city) there has been an outbreak of Rubella, which is freaking me out! Thanks for all your help , it's just that it's so hard....to wait....thanks for listening


crisy - June 6

Hi aa. I am happy to know that you are from Canada too. You should wait 3 months exactly. If you wait longer it's not a problem. If you get pregnant before, it's not recommended because the MMR vaccine is a live vaccine therefore it's almost just as bad as getting the disease. It can have undesirable effects on the fetus. Sweetie, I know that to wait it's hard but it will be better for you and the baby. Even though I'm a nurse, I'm not very keen on all those vaccinations. In your case however, I think that if there is an outbreak of rubella and you want to get pregnant, you should take the vaccine. You should be careful not to get pregnant in the next 3 months. There have been articles where the women conceived before the 3 months and the childern were authistic. I'm really freaked out about that and that's why I don't like this MMR vaccine for the kids. That is a personnal opinion that I have and I usually keep it for myself when I vaccinate the babies. For adults, I think this vaccine is OK. Take care.


to crisy from aa - June 6

hi crisy...thanks for providing a clearer picture! My Dr is really very nice, but I just wanted to do some of my homework before. Okay so now i understand that it takes about 3 months for the vacination to 'wear off'. I know how you feel about getting vacinated...i held of getting my son vacinated for quite a long time as there is an ongoing debate about vaccination and autism. but in the end i got my son vaccinated and he's a healthy 4 year old. I know the Rubella outbreak is another city but I would like to do everything to be safe .... I just pray and hope that after I get this shot, I can conceive without problems....I just went in by fluke to get my physical the same time I was thinking about getting pregnant! thanks for all your help :)



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