Miscarriaged At 9th Week 3 Large Fibroids

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uyale - March 31

Hello All, I was diagnoised blighted ovum 2 weeks back. I am greatly in shock and still cannot believe this happened to me. We really wanted this baby and this was a planned pregnancy. I still haven't miscarried my doctor has told me to wait for 2 weeks which is almost over now. Along with this another issue came as a big shock to both me and my husband. FIBROIDS- doctor told me that I have 3 large fibroids. I don't know the size and location but she did say that its pretty huge. I am really depressed and don't know if I ever going to have baby. Bad things come to my mind. I can't stop crying. Tommorow I have an appointmetn with my doctor. since I haven't miscarried on my own she might suggest D&C. But i am really scared about these large fibroids. I really want a baby soon and i don't want any surgery which will affect the uterus. Please advise,


Melissa - April 1

Uyale, I am so sorry of your loss. I know how frustrating it is my husband and I just lost our first yesterday after trying for 3 years. My heart go's out to you. I also have a fibroid I dont remember what size and I am going to ask this question next appt as this concerns me as well. From what I have read fibroid dont affect early pregancy but could (not always complicate later on in pregancy) I dont know too much about fertility with fibroids as my doc told me it wont affect me but i think location is an issue as well as size. I know there is a procedure you can have done to remove the fibroids. With three of them depending on location you may want to look into that to increase you chance of a successful pregnancy. I dont think the fibroids caused the blighted ovum though. Of course I am not a doctor so i cant say for sure. Sending you baby dust and praying for you. I am hoping to try again soon and I refuse to give up hope. Stress can make you infertile as we found out. We actually conceived this last time not even trying. So best wishes to you and your husband.


Uyale - April 1

Thanks a lot Melissa for your soothing words. I am really sorry for your loss as well. I am slowly trying to come out of it as I know stress will not lead me anywhere. I have an appointment today with my DR. and will know more information. Since I haven't miscarried naturally(no bleeding or spotting at all), she is focussed on this than talking about fibroids. I will let you know. I am really happy that I could talk to someone about this. Thanks a lot once again. Please do take care of yourself. Wishing you good luck from my heart.


Melissa - April 1

thanks, take care of yourself as well. I wouldnt feel afraid to ask about the fibroids though. I am going to ask Monday at my followup. Maybe I am being grouchy but I am going to make my doctor answer my questions this time. I dont want to feel rushed I was a little before and I didnt get to ask him all of my questions. I am also going to ask about possible progesterone supplements next time. I dont want to wait to conceive again and I am hoping maybe the mc made me more fertile. I am going to talk to my husband tonight about this. We are not getting any younger either. I am 28 and he is 37. We tried for 3 years so this is really a shock. Take care. Good luck at your appt.


uyale - April 1

I just came back from my appointment. Dr. told me to wait for one more week for natural M/C , if nothing happens till then, she will do a D&C. I talked to her about my fibroids size and location. I am very sad learning about it. Its almost the size of big orange.(all three of them). She is not very worried about one of them as its on top of the uterus. She said it might not hurt me carrying pregnancy. But for other two she is very concerned. She doesn't know whether its inside the uterus or in the walls.(its almost as big as my uterus) Either ways its bad. She has recommended hysterscope to just study the location and actual size after m/c but all this will have to be done only after my miscarriage. Everyday is killing me. I was all set to welcome my baby in oct. Just the thought of me having to wait for 6 more months to even ttc is killing me. I really don't want surgery but if the location of the two fibroids is right in my uterus, i really don't have much option. I am just scared that surgery will leave scars in my uterus which will affect the later pregnancy. Feeling depressed. I have to get over it ASAP. I hope your fibroid is as small as possible and not create any problem to you. Good luck.


harwicke - June 20

Have you had an ultrasound at all thru the first 9 wks?



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