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Mgirl7 - January 22

when u have 2 miscarriages what the odds of another one when pregnant, i jus found out i am pregnant and is so scared that the same thing is going to happen my doctor told me to be optimistic though and i am trying i go to the doctors 2morrow to find out how much hcg is in my blood can someone please answer thanx


stefkay - January 22

Hi Mgirl, I know the worry as I had several miscarriages in the past. Can you fill me in on the details of your 2 losses? Like how far along you were and what kinds of symptoms you had, etc. Did it happen quickly or take along time? Also, was there any testing done on the fetal tissue?


Mgirl7 - January 22

Hi stefkay, the first time i was 3 months going on when it happened and i had no idea when it was going to happen i jus knew i was pregnant and the next thing i knew i was bleeding like crazy experience ever, when i went to the hospital they did an ultrasound and saw no baby, they said i never developed. The second time i was almost three months and i i had an ultrasound done and they saw a sac with no baby in it, it was the same thing that the baby didnt develop and the doc said i could wait for the miscarriage to happen on its on or have a dnc and i chose the dnc because i couldnt bare to have that happen again. when it happened the first time i had really i mean really bad cramps then nature took its course. As far as testing they said that they were doing research on why things like that happen as far as the baby not developing but no one ever got back to me. I left that doctor and now go to a private doctor where i feel like he' s helping me out. I just found out i was pregnant and is worried as ever


stefkay - January 23

Hi! Sounds like both times you had a "blighted ovum"....if you google it you can find out lots of info on it as it is pretty common. I'd check out reputable sites like mayoclinic and acog.com. I believe that my first miscarriage was a blighted ovum, but the whole thing was so long ago and such a clusterf&$k that it was never oficially diagnosed as that. I am surprised to hear of it happening to you two times though. I think it is basically a situation where a chromosome problem causes the embryo to not develop, but the sac keeps growing or something like that. Most of them arent' found until a first scan around 12 weeks....Basically there is not a thing you can do to prevent it, but your doctor should totally be keeping an eye on you for this pregnancy. If the dr. doesn't schedule an early scan (around 7 weeks or so) then you need to demand one if possible so that you do not have to wait until 12 weeks to find out. I seriously doubt this would happen again and if it does, your doctor should send you to a genetic counselor (I saw one at one point and she was just the perinatologist/maternal-fetal specialist that I saw for one of the pregnancies.) Good luck to you and there is more of a chance this pregnancy will be fine than not!!! :)


Mgirl7 - January 23

Thank you so much for talking to me about this stefkay, i just went to the doctor today and he said i was 4-5 weeks. he did an ultrasound done today and he said the baby was in the right place. i jus pray i can see a baby soon. i pray the same thing does not happen


stefkay - January 23

That is great that he did an ultrasound today! Make sure to ask if you will get one within about 2-3 weeks again. After the 6 to 6.5 week point you should be able to see the embryo and heartbeat. At that point you know it is not a blighted ovum and chances of miscarriage drop drastically. Good luck!


kimhron - January 24

Hello Ladies, I was going on my 12th week of pregnancy and just found out yesterday that there was no growth or heartbeat. This is my first pregnancy and Im 42yr old. Im so upset. My doctor said it was my age along with deficient chromosomes, does that sound right?



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