Miscarried 6 06 Positive Pregnancy Test Result 2 Days Ago

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docbytch - February 12

This thread is being started for those women out there (especially if ur over 35 like I am, thus MORE worried even) who have gotten a recent positive pregnancy test result after a recent miscarriage. I am 39, and became pregnant last year almost immediately after my 39 yo husband had a vasectomy reversal. It seemed too good to be true to have such success when it had been so long since my last pregnancy. My daughter is 20, in the military, and stationed on the east coast...far from home. My husband has two kids from a previous who are 10 and 13. We really wanted a baby to unite this blended family of ours... So when I miscarried at 9 weeks this past summer in a hotel room 3000 miles from home, I was totally crushed. Basically thought my time is up...I'm a dried up old prune...blah..blah...blah. Since the summer, I have not been pregnant again...until now. Almost immediately after quitting a job I HATED, as it turns out, I became pregnant within the week. Unbelievable. Not like my husband (dh? What does dh mean?) and I have been trying like h__l....but nonetheless...here I am...preggo. Only this time....a h__luva lot more freaked out because my OB told me over the summer that chances for miscarriage again in a woman my age are higher. Damn... I DONT WANT this to happen again! Plus my OB won't even SEE me for an appt until I am 8 weeks along. That's how backed up they are. Plus, I am a nurse with advanced medical training myself and am all too aware of everything that can go wrong. Who out there is newly pregnant after a miscarriage? What are your thoughts?


sososleepy - February 12

Hi docbytch, I’m very happy you’re pg again! Congrats! I mc 2 weeks ago at 9 weeks, but at least I was at home. I’m feeling both dry (hurry up and come on cm[cervical mucus]) and prune-ish as well, so I understand! Dh is dear (or darling, not sure which) husband. Bd is baby dance. Ttc is trying to conceive. Af is aunt flow, or menses. I had a hard time with those when I first posted here too, so I put in all of the one’s I’ve learned so far… I’m ttc, (although the doc just said ok to at post-up follow up appt this am (mc followed by dnc, was bleeding a lot), we, er , um, did bd the last 4 days in a row) but haven’t had a positive LH or temp spike so I guess those particular little swimmers aren’t going to get me a bfp (look, another one, think that’s big fat positive, as in pg) but I’ll keep trying. Do you know when you first ovulated after mc, or how long it took, or recall how long it was from mc (miscarriage) to af? I’m presently obsessed with first ovulation (although statistics are not in my favor for pg that fast, so I suspect I’ll be ttc’ing for a while), and if I ever do, and get to move on to a bfp, I’ll be where you are flipping out scared because I’ve read the chances too. I feel like I’m getting older by the heartbeat; it’s really weird, and sorta creepy, so I try not to dwell on it. If you read back through the posts on this board and others, lots of ppl (people) had very successful pregnancies after mc. Our odds don’t go up all that much after one at our age, so by the numbers you have an excellent chance of doing just fine. I hope it works for you.


DownbutnotOUT - February 12

HI docbytch i am 27 years old and I had a m/c last May when I was 26 and i got pregnant right away and ended up having a chemical pregnancy in June. Well i didnt have a period for July or August but I finally got my BFP in September and I had a terrifying first tri with bleeding, spotting, and cramping and also some of that has carried on into early 2nd tri. i am still having complications due to my past pregnancy history other than that baby is fine but always in the back of my mind I have the "What if" I miscarry (m/c) again. i am currently 23 weeks and 1 day so I dont think im newly pregnant after a m/c but not exactly old. I know the baby is healthy, except for a little bit of enlargement in the kidneys but drs arent worried at all, strong heartbeat but the first tri just about killed me I was so terrified up until the 12 week point. i am sure though you will haev a great pregnancy and will probably be worried for the first tri as well but once you reach that 12 weke point and see the HB it gets a little better. take care


docbytch - February 12

Thank you to both of you for your replies. Soso sleepy: I am VERY sorry for your mc. It's really quite a horrible experience...and a woman's sort of private hell. Your cycle will take a couple months to reset itself...likely you should get the bfp sooner rather than later. It appears, in my case, my cycle took a long time to normalize. My mc occurred 6/06, and since then there were two or three mos where is sure seemed I shoulda gotten a bfp. To my chagrin I was negative yet again. My only guess is that my cycle ovulates sooner than I presumed, or that I was having episodes of stress-induced anovulatory cycles brought on by working alternating weeks of 7 straight ten hour nightshifts as an ER nurse. Talk about stress. My guess is that my cycle is earlier than I expected because in jan my dh and I had relations only twice. Conception had to have occurred nearer to my last period than I previously would have thougt...altho looking back my belief is that my 20yo daughter was conceived at about the same time in my cycle! Are you my age too soso sleepy? Is this your first pregnancy?



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