Miscarried And Confused

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lovely21 - July 14

Hello all, I had a miscarriage beginning July 6. I went to PP on July 7, and the doctor said that he saw the uterus lining, but could not find the sac and my cervix was closed. I was 7 weeks and 1 day. I bled large clots and had cramps for the rest of the week; nausea at any given moment, but no vomiting. The bleeding has now stopped, but I'm still very confused. TMI alert: What I'm most concerned about now is what my body is going through. My nipples itch, and have shrunk in comparison to a couple of weeks ago. My stomach still has that bloated/pregnancy bump. How long does it take for this to go down? The NAUSEA and HEADACHES that I am having AFTER the miscarriage are the things that are driving me the most insane. Is this normal? And now, I feel like I am 1. either still pregnant or 2. have contracted a UTI, because I have that urge to pee and nothing comes out. Is this my body's way of adjusting to the miscarriage? I don't think it ever adjusted to BEING pregnant in the first place. I feel worse than I did when I was actually carrying. This is where all of the confusion and paranoia comes from. The miscarriage seems so surreal. I see the bump and I feel the difference between normal and pregnant, but then I think about that bleeding and realize that I am not pregnant anymore. I came onto this forum because I don't have anyone to talk to about this. Anyway, thanks for your help ahead of time. Any information would help..


firerose78 - July 21

I have only lost babies up to 5 1/2 weeks has your doc confirmed you hcg levels have dropped back down? it may take a week or so for them to get back to 0 the hormone is still in your system and should be declining...... i just seen you posted this a couple weeks ago if you get back on here how are you doing?


lovely21 - July 25

I'm sorry for your loss. =[ My doctor only confirmed that I was miscarrying but did not test me for my HCG levels. I feel better now. I don't feel nauseated anymore and the headaches have disappeared, too. I have not had s_x since I got pregnant (2 months+), but I haven't gotten my period. I don't think there's still a possibility of me being pregnant, unless I was carrying twins and miscarried one... that seems highly unlikely too. I'm experiencing PMS symptoms, so hopefully my period comes soon.. My stomach looks bigger too. Is this normal after a miscarriage? Did you experience that..? Thanks for responding.. How are you feeling?


babydolly86 - July 29

i lost my baby at 5 weeks n 3 day 7/17/10 n i got my iud the marina put n 7/21/10 n i have the same feeling that u had i dont know if its from the miscarge or what but if u find out let me know


X_Tina - July 30

I miscarried at 10 weeks and I still have a baby bump as well. I know I miscarried but its been a couple weeks since, I miscarried and I am now feeling nauseated and getting cramps as well. I do not know if this is because of the miscarriage or if I am getting my period. I believe I am getting my period but I do not know. I am on here for the same reason, because I have nobody to talk too. I am sorry for all your loses. :(


lovely21 - August 1

babydoll: I think it's from the miscarriage.. I don't know anything about the IUD the Marina. I've never been on birth control, so I have no idea if symptoms or anything is different. More than likely for me, I think it's just my body trying to adjust itself. X_Tina: I think I'm getting my period, too. It's been four weeks since my miscarriage and I started to have brown discharge. It's gradually increasing. My ovaries have been hurting more than usual before and during my period. I am seeing PMS symptoms, but I'm still waiting. The waiting game is the most stressful part of this whole "recovery" process. I'm sorry for your loss as well. =[


firerose78 - August 3

just an FYI marina does give you pg symptoms.... i experienced them when i went on it after having my son. Even took a couple tests. tina you should start soon i think because you were almost three months it took longer for the hcg to get out of your system i am so sorry


lovely21 - August 4

Does anyone else feel like they have a heavy stomach? It feels full all of the time, even if you haven't eaten. Is this normal?


X_Tina - August 4

There are times, when I feel like my stomach is full. I used to be able to eat a lot, and now I can only eat a little because I get full really fast. I do not know if it is normal.


X_Tina - August 5

Okay, again. After I eat certain foods, I do get a nauseated and have a full stomach feeling. I do get cramps once in awhile I spotted but it was not even the size of a dime. Usually I start my period around this time, so I am just waiting. I sure hope I am not pregnant this soon after a miscarriage as it can cause problems.


X_Tina - August 5

Also, my nipples have been itching and I have been a bit more tired then usual. The tiredness is the same as it was when I was pregnant. After the miscarriage it went away but it has been back since a week now.


lovely21 - August 5

Oh my goodness. I'm going through the same thing. I've been feeling nauseated and light-headed the whole day. My nipples are itching and they hurt. All of these things stopped after the miscarriage, but why is it happening now? I'm not sure if I'm ovulating or anything, but my discharge is milky, and watery. (I'm sorry, TMI...)... I've been noticing more of it lately..


lovely21 - August 5

By the way, I have not had s_x since I got pregnant.


X_Tina - August 6

Oh, my discharge has been milky and watery more too. But I have had s_x since being pregnant and since the miscarriage. I do not understand why this is happening...


lovely21 - August 6

I do not understand either, but I've decided to stop worrying and let my body do what it needs to do. Baby dust to you, X_tina!


X_Tina - August 7

I think all these symptoms are just our bodies way of going back to normal. I am still waiting for my period to come back so I think that is why my body is acting this way. Lovely21 what does baby dust to you mean?


lovely21 - August 8

Hopefully, it is just that. It's kind of like, "good luck."



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