Miscarried At 16 Weeks When Am I Most Fertile After D Amp C

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Babygirl13 - February 15

Hello all. I miscarried at 16 weeks. I had a D&C done on Wed Jan 31st (My younger sister delivered her 2nd baby the same day which was even more traumatic). Yesterday marked the 2 weeks I had to wait to do the "baby dance", and well consider it was Valentines day we danced all night. But nehow. Am I more fertile after miscarrying? I'm not 100% positive I want to try quite yet, but having unprotected s_x yesterday has me a little worried that I might get pregnant too soon. Any ladies who got pregnant right after a D&C have any advice would be greatly appreciated.


ChattyKathy - February 15

Yes, you are a bit more fertile for a while after any pregnancy. I am under the impression that its possible two weeks afterwards, just like it would be for a normal period. A D&C is a little different as they actually remove the tissue manually (they want you to have a bit longer to recover), but even if you were to get pregnant there is no reason to believe your pregnancy would result in the same way.


Babygirl13 - February 15

Thanks. I don't think i'd mind if I got pregnant again, it was just a traumatic experience for me. The deceased fetus had been inside me for 5 days before I had the D&C, and 1 hour before I was scheduled I was going through contractions, in which they gave me pain medication through my IV. I felt something and the nurses helped me into the bathroom in which the fetus came out in the toilet. I am a little scared that it'll happen again.


sososleepy - February 16

babygirl13, I'm a lot scared that will happen again! But I started ttc a few days before doc gave ok after dnc and have ttc every day since. My husband's starting to OMG I just caught my parakeets ttc!!! what a scream, got it on video. I was saying dh is beginning to run the other way when I get near him; dry is generally my problem, but he's just recently gotten to experience it (darn, and I want swimmers!) because (surprise me) at our age (or under the extreme pressure I know I'm putting on him but can't help it right now) they can't produce every day for too many days in a row sometimes. I've been charting bbt, thinking I might have o'd yesterday but can never feel it and that tiny twinge could have been anything else too. I bought opk's and have a thread running on those and 1st O after mc full of questions about them that I'm headed toward to update with my latest frustrations/questions. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks if I was more fertile after, but by then you'll also be letting us know if you were so I'm not sure that helps. It makes sense that we are as our cervix is open for it and that should take a little time to close all the way (?) so the swimmers might have an easier time getting in. Also, our cycle is probably off at least some, for some ppl a whole lot, so unless you bbt or feel when you o or check cm or use opk there's no way to tell if you were fertile when you did. A lot of people say wait a cycle or more, my doc said go play as soon as I want to.



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