Miscarried Both Twins This Morning Very Sad

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mcadammorgan - May 14

lost the twins at 10 3/7 weeks at 4:00 a.m. this morning...Some of the worst pain and/or contractions I have ever experienced ....I was bleeding so severely that they had two perform a D & C to stop the bleeding....I had lost 2 pints of blood....I feel for all of the women that bleed for over three weeks and finally miscarry. I wish my doctor would have never told me that I was expecting twins...I am very blessed however in the fact that I have two beautiful healthy boys and my heart aches for the women who continue to experience miscarriages and may never have the opportunity to have a child...God is supposed to only give us as much as we can handle...I have heard stories of women who grieve the rest of their lives....I can't imagine feeling like this this for the rest of my life or their life....Looking for similiar stories


BrendaW - May 15

I am very sorry that you lost your babies macadammorgan, my heart goes out to you and i am sending you a woman to woman who have lost babies hug


Inez - May 15

That is really sad. I think that I was once told that losing 2 pints of blood could kill you. I'm not too sure if this counts. It still sounds really dangerous to lose that much blood. I hope that things get better for you.


cristina_t2004 - May 15

This is really sad. You should feel better everytime you look at you boys. They are a blessing. I am no doctor but I believe you should wait some time (3months) and try againg if that's what's going to make you happy. Good luck. I know how it feels to loose a dream.


Suebee - May 15

MC.. I'm really, really sorry to see that you've lost both your babies... How sad for you... Yes, you are blessed to have to beautiful healthy boys that's true. However, regardless of whether you already have children or you don't, it's still a very traumatic thing you've gone through/are going through. It's very heartwarming that as you're grieving the loss of your babies, that you feel for the women on here that are experiencing m/c's or recent losses..I hope that your faith in God will help you through this. I think that every woman who loses a child will grieve for the rest of their lives but I think with time your spirit will heal and you'll be able to move forward. Good luck to you!


Mandy1984 - May 15

HI THERE mcadammorgan * I am so very sorry for you and your family!! My heart, prayers and thoughts go out to you at this terrible time... I too lost a little baby, 1st June 05, a little boy I was 18weeks... At the time I think I was just so overwhelmed by all the emotions that it didn't really sink in what had happened, At night I sometimes forgot mysself and put my hand to my tummy to feel him move ect... I can only imagine your pain as no matter how similar stories were everybody is effected differently.. I know you can't see it now but time is the best medicine, You will never forget your 2 little angels but the pain will subside with time... I found this website to be very helpful and distressing right after, I read stories that were similar to mine yet the other woman prehaps wanted to 'try again' . At the time I never wanted to try again, I was scared of another m/carriage so I started thinking that prehaps I wasn't ''normal'' because I didn't feel the same way as the other women, So one thing I learned that proved to help me the best was that it dosn't matter how I felt what I was feeling at the time was ''normal''... I wouldn't be a deeply religios person but after it happened I was so angry that I began to question God as to how he could be so cruel, My dad explained it to me like this: He asked my ''what would you do if your Shannon or Beth run off towards a busy road''?? I replied ''well, run after them, follow them of course''!!!! He then said ''well what are you going to do now that one of your babies has gone to heaven'' My answer ''follow him of course'', I hope you find peace soon GOD BLESS Amanda


mani30 - May 15

i am very sorry for your losses mcadammorgan ,its very hard to loose one , and you had twins. may God give you the courage to bear the pain. things happen for a reason, its just that we dont know or understand. all the best and take care


JuJu - May 15

Mccadammorgan; just wanted to say how truly sorry I am to read of your tragedy; it's so hard to know what to say, other than we're here for you. {{HUGS}}


ksorbin - May 17

MC...sorry to hear about your losses. I too lost a baby recently (3 wks ago). I was 18wks went for my u/s and no hearbeat (baby was 17wks). They induced me and I delivered him on 4/27. I still hurt for him, but it IS getting better. Some days are better than others. Everyone mourns differently, but time heals for everyone. Take care.



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