Miscarried But Determined To Go On But Need To Rant Still

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iemc19 - June 24

Hi, I'm afraid I just want a bit of a rant..I miscarried at the end of March, I bled for 6 weeks - gp said it was normal so ok..But it meant I had a long time to wait before I could think about 'moving on'. Not forget I don't think you ever do. I m/c 3 1/2 years ago and still remember..Had my first period last weekend so my dh is all prepped for this week!! I'm in Uk and we're told to wait one cycle - just for dating baby. 2 & 3 cycles sounds like torture.NHS for you? But rant! A week after I miscarried my neighbour dragged me in to tell me her 17 year old daughter was pregnant and to show me her scan. She had the exact same due date as me! As I had.. I blubbed and upset her - naturally. But this 17 year old riles me so much. I know I'm jealous but.. She lives at home, barely has a job, boyfriend doesn't work and she's standing outside my house smoking! Her mother has confided she still makes herself sick to stop getting fat and I just know October is going to be painful- Especially if we're still ttc. I feel like a witch but she thinks its all cuddles and parties! Jealousy is a bad thing. But I'm not totally mean - a few friends are also happily pregnant and I'm perfectly fine with them! I think my husband thinks I'm losing it! Sorry I just had to get that of my chest. I promise I'm very nice to her .


josita - June 24

wow! whyis it that the ones that get prego so easy, take advantage?? and it gets rubbed in our faces? yes, it is not good to feel jealously feelings cause it really only hurts you... but yeah, i would be p__sed also! I mced in may and I find it really difficult to see babies and not get jealous, I try try to be happy, but it was so hard at first... it is getting easier, but the mc on top of losing your baby, makes you wait solong to on ly BE ABLE to start ttc-ing again.. its NOT fair... i understand. I wish youall success in ttc and getting you bfp soon... this is the place to rant, sodont feel bad!


kellywall - June 24

I'm sorry for your loss and I do have a lil something to add. I m/c 2 weeks ago so these feelings are all new to me. The people at my job knew that I was pregnant because I had fainted there and had morning sickness so even though I didn't comfirm anything they all knew my happy little secret. One of the students that works with us found out she was pregnant a couple of weeks before I did. She had an abortion 3 days after I m/c. I know it was her choice but I have a hard time talking to her now. I feel bad for feeling almost jealous of her but I can't help myself so I totally understand how you feel. My best friend is pregnant and I couldn't be happier. I thought maybe I was a little nuts for feeling the way I did so it's nice to know that I'm not alone....so thanks and good luck ttc. We're going to try again next month...all the best.....Kelly


Mzwest83 - July 29

I know how ya'll feel. My brothers girlfriendjust had a baby on the 21st of july,6 days after I M/C. It was hard for me to go see the baby because of this. But I did bring my self to see the cutie. When I was there I could not belive what I saw. She did not want anything to do with him. She did not want to feed him, change him or even hold him. Now I know about post partum. I have even had it. But she got all dolled up to go clubbing with her sister who also dropped her 4month old off for my brother. I thought I was seeing things but when I mentioned it to my mom she said she saw her do stuff like that since the baby was born. Now here sits me who tried for almost a year to have a baby, get pregnant, and M/C. It just kills me to see her not want anything to do with her baby( just show him off to some friends like a baby doll).


squished - August 1

The people that could care less that they are pregnant annoy the c___p out of me. We did everything right and we lost our baby at 21 weeks. Why do people who smoke, drink, and don't take care of themselves get to have healthy kids. So annoying! My bro and SIL just had a baby almost a week ago and it's hard listening to the baby this and the baby that. I'm totally happy for them, don't get me wrong. We won't see the baby until Oct. and I'm sure that it will just kill me to hold him since we were due not long after that. Jealousy sucks :)


rubyrach - August 2

I know this is hard, I mc just over a week ago, and my best friend is preg. I'm really happy for her. I am going to try again, and I know when it is right it will happen. It will for you to, and you will be very happy. Be positive...rachel


sfarrington - August 3

I know the feeling. Just had my 3rd m/c. What makes me mad, is hearing about these women who put their babies in garbage bags or leave them places. It's so incredibly unfair to see all these uncaring people having babies and the ones that want and love the most have the most trouble. I just keep trying to move forward and work through it the best I know how. Hoping that one day my prayers will be answered. Take care and good luck to you!!



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