Miscarried But Still Pregnant

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[email protected] - July 12

I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks. There was a small amount of bleeding beforehand. The baby, cord and placenta literally "fell out" without warning while I was in the grocery store. There was hardly any bleeding afterwards. Mt pregnancy symptoms are growing stronger 3 weks later. I have tested positive for pregnancy with home test. If I cough or laugh I can feel baby kicks and squirms. Is it possible that I am still pregnant???


littleangel - July 12

Janelle, sorry for your loss but have you been to see your doc and had a scan, just in case you were carrying twins, just a thought. even after your m/c you can still have positive pg test has the hormone level has not dropped. get to the docs for a check up take care and let us know how you get on(((hugs)))


hcw - July 12

hi janelle, sorry too for your loss. i agree with littleangel that you should see your doctor - when you say things "fell out" in the grocery store, are you sure it wasn't just some spotting... i m/c at 10 weeks and i was astonished at how much came out, over a number of days. but even if you were still pg, as i understand it, you don't start to feel the baby until about 14 to 16 weeks, so i don't think that's what you're feeling (since if you are still pg at most you are 11 weeks, right?). anyway, hope some of this helps, and i really think your dr can clear this all up in a quick visit. hope everything turns out for the best... you're in our thoughts.


[email protected] - July 13

My gp refused to give me an ultrasound to date the pregnancy, only an internal exam. At the 8 week mark (before I miscarried) I looked like I did at 5 months with my 1st preg. He also refused to give me an ultrasound when I m/c or even an internal exam. Have an appt tomorrow, will let you know.


SaraH - July 17

janelle, if you're really wondering what is going on and need to know demand an u/s or change docs to find one who will give it to you. Most docs are more than happy to do an u/s after a m/c just to make sure everything pa__sed (if everything doesn't pa__s you can get an infection and such). Especially sense you didn't have much bleeding or what not it seems strange to me that your doc. wouldn't do the u/s to make sure you really did m/c and that you m/c all of it. It sounds weird that he/she refuses to give you one. Like the others said, it could have been twins, but also as hcw said it's really very very early for you to be feeling a baby so if your dates were right, baby kicks are most likely not what you're feeling. Anyways, hope the appointment gave you some answers let us know. Here's to hoping for you. Hugs


[email protected] - July 17

Went to the doctor. The doctor's preg test was neg. My HPT 1 hour later was +. Having a blood test soon, possibly ultrasound. The movement is gone, quite possibly uterine contractions as it return to size. Hoping everything pa__sed in m/c



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