Miscarrige Then Blighted Ovum

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MLC - January 6

I want to share my experiance with everyone. I was 12w4d when I began passing huge blood clots and soaking several pads. At 11w4d I had an ultrasound that showed the gestational sac and yolk sac but no fetus. I had been bleeding red for the past few days when I wiped. Before that I'd bled brown blood when I wiped. At 9w5d I'd bled red into a pad then rested for the rest of the day and it stopped. Well anyway in the emergency room at 12w4d I was told that I had a Blighted Ovum. Blighted Ovum also called anembryonic gestation is a pregnancy in which the placenta develops but no fetus is visible on ultrasound (a conception implanted with no growing fetus). I miscarried 2/04 and it broke my heart. I have three healthy kids. My first two with my first husband. My third with my husband now. My husband and I have one beautiful litte girl together and we can't understand why we had the m/c las Feb. then this blighted ovum. Has anyone had similiar losses then went on to concieve and give birth to a healthy full term baby? Or been given any explanations why the blighted ovum occured?


r - January 6

Hi, I feel for your loss, I had a miscarriage a few months ago but not a Blighted Ovum. I have heard this happen to a few people and there is no reason why your next pregnancy would not be successful. I got this from a sight that does research on Blighted Ovum...'One's mind naturally moves to a point where a woman wonders, "will this happen again?" It has also been reported that a blighted ovum does not increase the risk of future miscarriage.' So there is a good chance that your next pregnancy will be carried to full term. Good luck.


mlc - January 7

Thank you. I keep wondering if there could have been something from the miscarriage that may have been still in my body to cause the Blighted Ovum. But there were seven months between the m/c and blighted ovum. I was told since my body held on to the blighted ovum that long that it was a good sign that everything is functioning correctly inside of me. That it's a good sign that my body was ready and can carry a baby through a pregnancy. That most blighted ovums occur within the first two months of pregnancy. Of course I may not have been as far along as indicated by my last menstrual period. Thank you and I am sorry for your loss. It's not an easy thing to deal with. The blighted ovum is easier for me to deal with because an actual baby wasn't "there". But just the let down after the excitement of being pregnant is hard. As for my m/c, I'm still grieving over what should have been. Again, thank you!


r - January 7

I've heard that too, that the blighted ovum may take 2 months. As soon as you feel better and ready emotionally you guys should start trying again. Your body is most likely ready to for another pregnancy (1 - 2 normall periods should have you ready), but it's the emotional part that sometimes takes longer. I wish you all the best. Also, with your next pregnancy the doctor should keep a closer eye on you just to make sure everythign is alright. where I live the first altra sound is usually done at 14-16 weeks...but she sent me in at 7 weeks after conception just to give me a peace of mind. Once you guys start trying again, try to rest as much as possible and take things easy...I found that really helped my state of mind and I also found that it's easier to relax while pregn. because I've been practicing resting for a while. all the best to you & your family.


r - January 7

Hi MLC I posted to web sites on the posting 'OK IT'S ME AGAIN' in this section. You might find them helpful and imformative about Blighted Ovum pregnancies.


mlc - January 8

thank you. just talking about this with someone is very helpful. Take Care and Good Luck to you!



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