Missed Abortion

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Merin - January 27

I was pregnant a couple of months back.my first transva___al scan showed twin gestational sacs,one was measuring 7mm and another 4mm at 8th week,there was no fetal heart sounds.I was asked to repeat the scan after 2 weeks,and the fetal size was 12mm and 6 mm,with absence of fetal poles& heart sounds .i was also told that there was a region of hematoma around and that it was a missed abortion and i had to terminate my pregnancy.i'm 29 year old.I just want to know what could be the cause of this?Are there any chances of the same in my next pregnancy?


Meena - January 27

Hi Merin I am very sorry to hear about ur loss .I am 27yrs old and had a miscarriage couple of weeks back.This was my first pregnancy.I went for an ultrasound I was 6 weeks3days long everything looked good ..151 heartbeat and everything normal.And the very next day I had a miscarriage.Saw my doc yesterday could not find any precise reason for this micarriage.My doc said something was just not right about the pregnancy and the body decide to discard it.She said statistics show that 99% women go on to have normal pregnancy after miscarriage.I dont know if my response is of any help to u ..I am trying to say that chances are very high that this might not happen again ...u can have a very normal healthy pregnancy .Goodluck


Ashley - January 27

Hi Merin, I'm 25 and have just had the same thing. I was 11wks along and the 1st u/s couldn't detect a hb and the baby only measured 81/2wks. So I had to have a d&c. It's really tough to go through something like this. Usually the cause is just a random chromosomal abnormality and it won't affect future pregnancies. They say that every pregnancy is different, and that just because you have had one it doesn't make you any more likely to have another than anyone else. Even though I'm sure we'll be very nervous and everything next time. But you have every chance that next time will be fine. They say 1in 4 end in m/c. and 1in3 twins do. So it's just a gamble. They also say that 50% of a woman's fertilized eggs are miscarried in her lifetime, whether we know it or not. Like we'd just get a period and never have even known. I read that somewhere. Anyway, good luck and try to be positive minded and enjoy every moment next time.. it will be hard because we'll always be scared about every little thing, but I"m sure next time you'll take home a little bundle or joy.


Gini - January 27

I'm so sorry to hear your loss. Miscarriage is very very common and happens to 1 in 5 women. There is normally no apparent cause and it's just your bodies way of saying that all was not right. I have miscarried like you but I'm confident that I will get pregnant again and go on to have a healthy pregnancy. Today is a good day for me hence my positive thoughts tomorrow might be a bad day but either way I am healthy and there is absolutely no reason why I can't have a baby and I'm sure it will be the same for you. We just have to be patient. Good luck and stay positive.



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