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kat - October 30

i feel at my deepest low i feel that i cant feel anymore, i feel numb. I started to bleed on wednesday 26th i was booked in for a scan on the thursday. I was 9 weeks pregnant i had the scan and was told there was no heart beat and that my baby had stopped growing between 6-7 weeks, i just cried and cried and couldnt stop. i wasn't oferd an d&c i was told nature will take place soon as i had already started bleeding. the last three days have been really painfull especially emotionally waiting for it to happen. I lost lots of blood clots and today my baby came away from me, my poor helpless baby that i wanted to nuture and love. The baby that nurses said i wouldnt see, they told me that the baby would break down into clots. How wrong were they, this will haunt me forever i couldnt flush my baby down the loo, i have wrapped it in some tissue. WHAT CAN I DO WITH MY BABY. please can someone tell me if this has happend to them. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. I dont feel i can get over this at the moment.


AmyAnn - October 30

I am so sorry for your loss kat, I know it is the worst thing in the world.I had a miscarriage in July and I am still struggling with it, it consumes me sometimes. When my baby came out I was so sickened I almost pa__sed out and could bear to look. It still haunts me totally and fully to think of flushing my baby away to who knows where, it makes me so sick. You must be traumatized, and I really dont know what to tell you about what to do with you child...have you considered possibly making a grave? It may help you feel some sense of closure. Please know that your baby is with Jesus now and loves you very much I will pray for your heart to heal. Keep in touch and God be with you!


Emma - October 31

hey Kat - I'm sorry you've had to go through this. The same thing happened to me a week ago - I was at 8 weeks. I thought everything had come out last weekend and the bleeding had tapered off. then on Friday the embryo slipped out - in one piece and a surprise since I thought it was already gone. I was at work and couldn't exactly put it in my pocket so I'm afraid I did flush. It was all a bit surreal but I have felt relatively ok about everything emotionally, maybe because I suspected from week 5 that the pregnancy wasn't viable. It's certainly not what we hoped for though, is it? I am looking forward though, I want to get pregnant again and I am confident things will work out. It wasn't meant to be, there was nothing anyone could have done about it. we just have to try to accept what we can't change and keep our faith in life and love. best wishes...


Melissa - October 31

I had a miscarriage last week also. I went in for a routine sonogram. I was at almost 9 weeks. No heartbeat. Went back the next day for the specialist to confirm, and it was a confirmed missed miscarriage. I was crushed. I am crushed. I just keep thinking about trying again. I had a D&C the very next day because I did not want to wait and have to go through what you ladies went through. My heart breaks for all of us.


angel - October 31

i am so sorry :( that happened to me last christmas eve... still haunts me and i still cry i am sooo sorry for your loss :( god be with u


Kat - November 1

Thankyou, for all your kind words it has made it a liitle easier for me knowing their are women who have gone through the same or are going through the same. I have hade a up my mind what im going to do wiv the remains of my baby. We are going to plant a baby and put the baby with the tree tonight in our back garden. I think this will help my daughters pain too. I thank you again im so sorry for your losses too, i dont think people understand untill it happens to them. I will pray for my baby tonight and also all your babies too. Kat xx



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